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General Discussion / Re: Bring Back Multiple Wives?
« Last post by St Paul on Today at 08:31:09 PM »

Judith 15 Ten, you are nuts. 

There is something seriously wrong in his background to behave the way he does.  Pray for him.
The Library / The Catalogue of Compromise:
« Last post by X on Today at 08:14:20 PM »
It had been in my mind for several years already to compile a "Compendium of Compromise, Change, and Contradiction in the SSPX" to combat the demonstrably false contention of the Society and its apologists that "there have been no compromises" and consequently, that the Resistance had "jumped the gun."

Much like Sean Johnson's "Collection of Resistance Writings" thread, this will be an ongoing project, rather than a ready-made, completed work.

I would appreciate it if there were no other contributors, though I am certainly open to receiving material or criticism via PM, and in the case of the former, will credit the user who submitted it to me, and I would especially appreciate it if there were no commentary (per the rule for this Library sub-forum, which is why this thread is located here, and not in the Resistance sub-forum).

My intention, based on the statements and requests of several CI members, is to compile a resource to serve as a central reference point, which is simultaneously credible, accessible, and easily distributed.

I shall strive to list only those examples which are credible (e.g., contain citations, attributions, or are by some means publicly verifiable).


Carrisima: You believe a random guy (Cosmas) on a forum’s family members over one of the longest running advocates/writers online for Our Lady of Good Success in the US? What’s your agenda? SSPX defender no matter what the circumstance?
Cosmas: OKAY, I'll make this as simple as I can, The Society Priests did not attempt to carry The Statue. The Franciscans carried the Statue.
This thread has now over 3021 views, with 54 replies, and more, probably, queuing up to present long paste and copy screeds in large letters, taking us deeper into the weeds.

Carrisima, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. We are both “random guy(s)” on this forum.
I tend to think, however, that more of the old hands may know me better than they do you, since I’ve been around for a while, and I don’t think you have. When you suggest that I may be a “defender” of SSPX, it should be obvious to those here, who know me and my views, that I am anything but a defender of SSPX.

We’ve still got a bit of a problem, though, as I see it. After loads of wordy, breathless posts, expressing a plethora of opinions, we still can’t be sure what exactly happened. That “random guy,” Cosmas, whose views from the past I have sometimes found helpful, and whose credibility I have no reason to challenge, declares unequivocally that Society priests did not carry the statue, nor, apparrently, did they even make an “attempt” to do so.

Mr. Guimaraes, on the other hand, whose credibility and good faith I also have no reason to dispute, offers a totally different take. He writes:

I also heard from well-informed persons that, when the SSPX priests tried to lift the Statue from the choir to bring her down to the Church, the Statue became so heavy that they were unable to do so.
Both can’t be right. One of these two people has to be misinformed.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Kolbe Center for Creation will have seminar in Saint Mary's, Kansas:

March 22: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
March 23: 10 AM to 5 PM

at the Armory building in St. Marys, KS

Admission free, but donations suggested (to help cover costs)

I just received a personal confirmation from the Kolbe Center that the above information is accurate.

I sure hope maximum publicity can be given for this event.  It could not have been in a better locale in the entire United States!  I hope KC goes for the jugular in bringing Fr. Robinson's book to the forefront of their presentation or at least makes plenty of reference to it.
General Discussion / Re: Bring Back Multiple Wives?
« Last post by CestMoiJeanneMarie on Today at 07:51:10 PM »
This thread is absolute insanity. This is what happens thanks to the progressivist takeover of the Church. 

Judith 15 Ten, you are nuts. Since you seem to have a problem with Catholic doctrine, why don't you just become Mormon? If I'm not mistaken, they still have the FLDS down in Arizona that practices polygamy.
I doubt that the "Deep State" in hiding her death would be extremely worried about filing the correct paperwork.
I don't think this is just any time or any administration- at stake is the soul of the nation and millions of unborn babies lives.
This is a total gamechanger, and whoever wins or loses changes the course of history.
If RBG and her handlers are good with dismembering the unborn, what won't they do? They will do anything; lie cheat murder,total deception (no doubt)- anything.
I get your point about having tangible evidence that she is dead, but the circumstantial evidence is very strong..we may never have any tangible evidence. Are you certain John McCain was in his casket, I mean 100% sure?
RBG was deathly in appearance BEFORE this new occurrence of cancer and surgery. It's a world of smoke and mirrors and certainty may be an unrealistic concept in this the diabolical disorientation that we now live we have to understand that things usually aren't as they are presented and the present rules have been manipulated in their favor for their sick agenda. People of good will (and logic) can no longer take at face value what is being presented as truth.
General Discussion / Re: Bring Back Multiple Wives?
« Last post by Banezian on Today at 07:23:09 PM »
One can only find this kind of nonsense on Cathinfo. Unbelievable 
Veri Catholici‏ 

#ppbxvi There is no Catholic position in any controversy, but that which is in harmony with and derived from the Natural, Moral, Divine and Evangelical Law: Canon 332 §2, says that a Pope resigns when he resigns his munus, not his ministerium, freely and publicly. B16 never did.

Veri Catholici‏ 


Those who contradict this and who urge you to ignore this fact, are advocates of the Devil, who was a Lawbreaker from the beginning. Cardinals who are clueless about these things, who elected Bergoglio in defiance of them, are thus certainly NOT sound judges of the matter.
Veri Catholici‏ 

If Chris Ferrara thinks, as he openly opines in his latest Fatima Center editorial, that there have been endless arguments over the validity of Benedict's resignation, he is very ill informed, since the side pro validity has engaged only in name calling and gratuitous assertions

Veri Catholici‏ 


Wheres as the side against the validity has expounded in great detail the philosophical, theological, moral, forensic and above all canonical reasons that indubitably show that the resignation never took place in valid form.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Question about the Assumption
« Last post by Judith 15 Ten on Today at 07:09:54 PM »
She was either assumed into Heaven, while conscious, without dying or by dormition where she fell asleep, but she didn't die because she was incapable of death due to being Immaculately Conceived and choosing to remain sinless throughout her life, and she was taken to Heaven in her sleep. Either way, there was an Assumption (or "dormition" is the Eastern Catholic tradition) of her into Heaven.
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