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[Machine translated from French, here: I could not find the original English.]

None of us could have imagined that the lie would be so huge, so sudden and so universal.  All the kings of the earth, including even those who know it best like Putin, had to play their part in the dance, the dance of deceit.

1. The hoax of hoaxes

It consists of scaring people into thinking that their immune system cannot stand up to covid.  The virus exists, it has big legs but not big teeth, especially in front of the youth whose immune system is, by nature, very efficient.

All this is a possibility, a supposition, a Hollywood illusion.  A panic created over something weird, which is not sure (Professor Montagnier said that the DNA contains some strands of HIV; the envelope is strange); but more or less an empty burger.   Much less deadly than the seasonal flu.

What is real is the confusion created by the media and politicians.  Suddenly, populations are confined, businesses have to close, people can no longer gather, and Karl Marx's dream becomes reality: the state distributes subsistence to the population and controls all movement.

We will see later that what comes next is much worse, but none of us priests can keep quiet until this new confused communism comes into being.  Who would have told us that this global enslavement of the world's population could possibly happen?  Our Lady of Fatima.  Russia is a little less communist; nevertheless, its errors are already widespread.   Immediately, all the kings of the earth competed with the policy of the Chinese communist government; and they surpassed them, because the Chinese government immediately put a billion doses of hydroxychloroquine into circulation and very quickly lifted its own containment, restarting its economy sooner.  They played into a lie, and left him.

Likewise in Russia.  No doubt Putin knew all too well that communism would destroy his country.  So he followed the dance of the covid and, like China, treated the elderly population with the appropriate treatment of hydroxychloroquine, attracting criticism, like China, with a small number of deaths.  So he begged Trump for respirators... A little extra dance step in the swamp of covid dance movements, and so it goes for the moment.  They play in the lie, leave it, then start the game again, then leave it again...

Very interesting!  In Africa, they struggle to find a few "victims".  This is because Plaquenil (the name of the hydroxychloroquine tablets) is as common as doliprane or aspirin, and is constantly used to fight malaria.  In dry countries, such as Algeria, it was massively widespread, which is why the covid stuffing did not start!

However, they had to play this dance: confine themselves, close down businesses, wear masks, send out disinfection teams and above all keep quiet.  The president of Senegal was a remarkable exception, but the submission of all the other heads of state was frightening.

The governments of Sweden and Belarus recognised covid 19 for what it is: the symptoms of a mild flu; and they refused to confine the population.  People went to cafes and restaurants, President Lukashenko went to play ice hockey: good for him, good for his people.  He is not the tyrant that the media portray, because, unlike many others, he did not have the heart to imprison his subjects arbitrarily.  And if his behaviour is tyrannical, then I say it loud and clear: "Long live tyranny! "and I will apply for a Belarusian passport for myself.

(to be continued)
The Tribal Roots of ANTIFA
July 9, 2020 in NewsVideo by RBN Staff

Health and Nutrition / Re: Insanity in State of Washington
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And if it still doesn't work, note that you will be posting on Yelp that this business will not make simple accommodations for people with disabilities.
Great idea for those who do not actually have a disability. However, since I do, I bring with me the paperwork to file a complaint regarding their ADA violation, I am prepared to do so.

p.s. Since they are not allowed to ask, it might be good idea for others to carry the complaint form with them also.
That's a jewish ranking system to classify goyim. Invented by William Stern.

Are you going to point out how, exactly, that system is flawed, or what makes its data worthless? If not, you're simply committing an Association Fallacy.

Presumably, the Jews wouldn't put a broken ranking system to work to give themselves a lot of false data, right? If anything, the fact that Jewish media goes out of its way to suppress and explain away racial IQ data might be an indication that that ranking system works a little too well. It is, after all, in accord with what common sense, observation, and anecdotal evidence has always told those of us honest enough to admit it: That blacks -as a group - routinely display lower intelligence than other racial groups, and a concomitant disproportionate propensity for violent crime, consistent with the impulsivity and shorter time preferences that comes with lower intelligence. In short, it destroys the Jewish narrative that "Racism" is the reason for all of black peoples' ills. "Oy vey! Soch meshugaas this whole "IQ" thing was!"

I mean, for crying out loud, 2+2=4 is now being called "racist." That insane level of rhetoric wouldn't be called for if the intelligence gap between whites and blacks were not so stark and ineffaceable.

So, if it's a Jewish invention, it's one that's blown up in their faces. It certainly wouldn't be the first time for these blowback artists.

Prayer for The United States of America
Composed by His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ²

Almighty and Eternal God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords: graciously turn your gaze to us who invoke You with confidence.

Bless us, citizens of the United States of America; grant peace and prosperity to our Nation; illuminate those who govern us so that they may commit themselves to the common good, in respect for Your holy Law.

Protect those who, defending the inviolable principles of the Natural Law and Your Commandments, must face the repeated assaults of the Enemy of the human race.

Keep in the hearts of Your children courage for the truth, love for virtue and perseverance in the midst of trials.

Make our families grow in the example that Our Lord has given us, together with His Most Holy Mother and Saint Joseph in the home of Nazareth; give to our fathers and mothers the gift of Strength, to educate wisely the children with which you have blessed them.

Give courage to those who, in spiritual combat, fight the good fight as soldiers of Christ against the furious forces of the children of darkness.

Keep each one of us, O Lord, in your Most Sacred Heart, and above all He whom Your Providence has placed at the head of our Nation.

Bless the President of the United States of America, so that aware of his responsibility and his duties, he may be a knight of justice, a defender of the oppressed, a firm bulwark against Your enemies, and a proud supporter of the children of light.

Place the United States of America and the whole world under the mantle of the Queen of Victories, our Unconquered Leader in battle, the Immaculate Conception. It is thanks to her, and through your Mercy, that the hymn of praise rises to you, O Lord, from the children whom you have redeemed in the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re:
« Last post by BTNYC on Today at 03:10:51 PM »
Pius XI clearly said that race, people, state etc. do have an essential and honorable place within the earthly order.

We won't need German, anti-Jewish, anti-Polish, and anti-French nationalists in heaven, but here on earth they do have an essential and honorable place. That's what Pius XI unequivocally said!

These "white nationalist" Stormfront-folks are multiculturalists. None needs them, but mixed-race folks from melting-pot countries.

Thank you for explaining to Poche what his favorite passage from Mit Brennender Sorge actually says. He pins a good deal of his hopes for the success of his rhetoric on poor reading comprehension in other posters. That may work in a place like CAF, but it doesn't cut it around here. I hope he retires soon so that his position can be filled by a more competent shill.

As to your claim that "White Nationalism" is a form of multiculturalism, well, yes and no. It is true, as E Michael Jones is wont to frequently point out, that "White People" is a novel ethnic category, with none of the historical and traditional legitimacy of ethnic identities like French, German, Polish, Italian, etc. But, EMJ fails to take into account what you do in your last sentence: in "melting pot" (a phrase that comes from a Jewish play, by the way) countries, the particular national ethnic identity of one's ancestors fades with each passing generation. How many third generation Italian Americans or Polish Americans make every day, fluent use of their ancestral tongues? None that I've ever met - They're all English speaking Americans who have, at best, a passing familiarity with the language of the old country. 

EMJ has repeatedly asserted that, after three generations in America (and presumably, places like Canada and Australia), the ethnic identity disappears completely and is replaced by the religious identity. This is a completely gratuitous assertion that I've never seen him give any reasonable explanation for. We're not Jews. We're Catholics. Our religious identity may be intimately tied into our ethnic identities (the more intimately tied they are, the better and healthier the nation), but they are still distinct categories. The ethnic identity does not just "disappear," nor does a different category step in to pick up the slack after three generations.

So where does that put European Americans? Many of us - probably most of us - are made up of two or more distinct ethnic stocks of European ancestry. My own children, for example, boast Irish, Maltese, Italian, Greek, English, Scottish, Welsh and French ancestry. How does one express that myriad background as an identity? At what point do they just become "Americans?" And what does it mean to be an American? Our Khazar overlords would have us believe that the magic dirt of America makes a Bangladeshi, a Korean, a Bantu, etc. members of the same "nation" as my children, despite common sense recoiling from such a ridiculous assertion. 

I posit that, in limiting the granting of American citizenship to "white persons" in the 1790 Immigration and Naturalization Act, the Founding Fathers displayed a cognizance of the fundamental need to establish in the new country the Aristotelean brotherly love - philia - vital to its unity as a nation, and did so by restricting the pool for potential Americans to "white persons" - Europeans. 

In my opinion, this was a very wise decision. The proof of that pudding is in the tasting. Sub-Saharan Africans have been in this country for four hundred years, yet are far less assimilated and integrated into the fabric of American society than European groups (Italians, let's say) who have been here only 1/4 of that time. Why? Again, it's common sense (which is now beaten out of us for being "racist" - but our grandparents understood it): Europeans - "white people" - look more or less alike, think more or less alike, have more or less compatible temperaments, and, being sons and daughters of Christendom, have the same overall cultural grounding and outlook. In establishing America as a Pan-European nation, the Founders cast the net as widely as possible to a group that allowed for as much diversity as possible while still having enough overall commonality to make a nation work.

But including starkly different groups - Africans, Asians, even "Native Americans" - does not work (the "Native" tribes certainly know this, thus why they retain their own national identities, distinct from the American one, despite being "Native" "Americans"). "White guilt" (a diabolical ape of Catholic guilt) has been a crippling, silencing albatross around our necks for too long. We will either unite as sons and daughters of Christendom (the Synagogue of Satan's greatest fear), or else we will continue into the morass of deracination, atomization, and miscegenation until we are no more.
They may not be practicing their faith at present but until they take their final breath their eternity is not sealed.
Thank goodness!  St. Monica....Pray for us!

That's a jewish ranking system to classify goyim. Invented by William Stern.
Politics and World Leaders / Re: For all the Trump-haters -- here's you man!
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Michelle Obama on a bad hair day?
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