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SSPX Resistance News / Re: Status of the resistance in 2019
« Last post by poche on Today at 10:27:28 PM »
That would mean you'd have to be against four Baptisms... right?
There is only one baptism.
Health and Nutrition / Re: Struggle with stress and OCD
« Last post by Disputaciones on Today at 10:19:06 PM »
Digital marketing is just marketing using social media and web advertising.  I reckon that aside from human data analysts and salespeople who follow up the leads generated, plus professional proposal writers who can cutomize the proposal text to the readers skill level, a software robot can perform the actual marketing tasks much better.  So net jobs in marketing will probably drop.
Data jobs and data science and the tech around that will be the boom industry for white collar jobs.  Like getting into personal computers in the mid 1980s and the internet in 1993/94.
You might as well say that by now robots should be able to handle all the client accounts in the CRM's in any company, but the fact is that they don't, even when such CRM management is orders of magnitude easier than managing Google ads accounts. 

You can learn crm management in a couple of days, but Google ads, analytics etc. will take a while because it is a lot more complicated.

I know that recruiters in the digital marketing field say they have a hard time finding qualified people, so in many cases they will train you themselves.

There will always need to be an account manager because the business owners have no time to waste setting up and managing the accounts, much less learning the whole thing.
General Discussion / Re: Video response to Gillette's ad attacking men.
« Last post by Banezian on Today at 09:58:51 PM »
Bp. Donald Sanborn has a very solid article on the “#MeToo” movement.
Gillette is smart to advertise to females (even on a male issue) because they make the most money and all the financial decisions.  
How appropriate! ... a fake moon landing being blessed by a fake pope.   :laugh1:
So you’re no longer in doubt?
Great to hear him speaking like that.

In a bushfire, we are advised not get out of our car, but keep driving through it, but here the trees were preserved. Amazing priorities! Save the trees, eliminate the people, it seems.
And if they were to seduce a man, a couple weeks later, after experiencing buyer's remorse, they'd be crying rape and joining the #metoo movement.

They also do it for attention - seeking and sexual signaling (as to signal they are or were at some point too desirable, men could not resist them ::)). I notice many women do this, especially if they are, or become unattractive for any reason, and are unable to actually seduce anyone.

Teen Catholic Hangout / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by Cantarella on Today at 08:34:23 PM »
Teen Catholic Hangout / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by Cantarella on Today at 08:34:00 PM »
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