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Mr G, in all fairness you are asking 'unanswerable' questions.  They are unanswerable for the following reasons:

1.  Sicso's answer, Salza's answer, your answer, my answer - they mean nothing - we aren't the Church.  So, who cares what their answer is?
2.  You are trying, by simple logic, to form a conclusion of heresy and loss of office based on facts + canon law.  But the Church doesn't work that way, in regards to heresy.  The Church is a monarchy, not a democracy.  "We the people" cannot make decisions, only the Church can.  Until She does, we wait.
3.  You want 'yes/no' answers to very complex questions - ones that are so complex that theologians have been arguing about them for centuries.  They are not 'dodging' your questions (which are valid and important) just pointing out that the questions are not as simple as you would like them to be.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Husband needs an anti-fungal remedy for his toes
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 01:54:05 PM »
Dear folks,

My husband has tried different remedies for a terrible fungal infection that has affected his toes.

He is about to lose the toe nails on his big toes as it is that bad.

It seemed to have started shortly after he took two series of antibiotics when he was hospitalized for an accident he suffered in 2012.

He has been applying tea tree oil for years, but there has been no improvement.

Does anyone here know of an effective natural cure?
Sounds like you were doing it wrong.
You also have to buff off the top layer of nail every few days..and apply the oil 2-3 times per day. You have to get a rough buffer (not a polisher) and buff off the white/yellow discolorations.
Takes about 2weeks of treatment to heal.
Dont take the prescription drugs, very bad for your liver.
General Discussion / Re: New Guy on Forum
« Last post by Samuel on Today at 01:28:57 PM »

You are wasting my time and the time of the poor person who started this thread.

Re: forbidding; Well then you should choose your words more carefully in future. If you want to attack my person go ahead and say it, rather than cloaking it in falsities.

Extreme red light position? So there is a regular red light position?

Re: "before", "after" and all that other nonsense. They are arbitrary distinctions. What you are saying in effect means that we can attend the Novus Ordo because the Church hasn't forbidden that specifically. I mean, just think about the words coming out of your mouth.

Heretics will come up with useless distinctions and say that their specific error was not condemned. It is a classic tactic used by them. I am not of course saying you are a heretic, but you are unwittingly using the tactics of one, because of your error on this point.

The Church has already pronounced on modernism, and already on attending protestant services. END OF STORY.

Sunny, you are full of error, but since you are too emotional and too easily offended to take a little correction, I will just have to leave you in your ignorance.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Husband needs an anti-fungal remedy for his toes
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 01:25:24 PM »
I think the topical medications work best.  And removing the dead nail, while applying the topical directly to the fungus helps a lot!  Of course, antiseptics will kill fungus too and normal hydrogen peroxide is very good at killing fungus and is very cheap.  It says on the bottle of hydrogen peroxide that you can gargle with a solution of it, diluted with water.  I don't know anything about drinking it.  

What's the deal with soaking your feet in baking soda or vinegar?  I tried salt water foot soaks and, while they seem somewhat effective, I thought the prescription topical Penlac (which comes in a generic and is relatively cheap and should be approved by all/most insurance) was effective, but of course, not a cure.  Apparently, there isn't one.  However, Penlac does seem to be good at forcing the fungus into major retreat and it seems that I can go for months without applying any and still be in pretty good shape.  Still, for now, it does seem like a "life sentence."  

I notice that the fungus seems to spread from the nails to the skin, if left untreated for a while.  However, I use a generic/drug store brand spray with Miconazole for the active ingredient and that seems quite effective.  Some of the other anti-fungal sprays don't seem to work for me, like Tinactin, which has a different active ingredient (turns out it isn't so tough! ha ha). 

Apparently, toe nail fungus is "contagious."  So, if you pick at your nails with your fingernails you can get it under your fingernails too and if you scratch at your legs, it seems you can wind up with fungus growing on your skin.  Hence, I often sleep with a loose pair of socks on.  I am always careful to use nail tools and clean them with hydrogen peroxide when I am done and of course, dedicate a pair of nail clippers to toe nail duty only.   
General Discussion / Re: New Guy on Forum
« Last post by Samuel on Today at 01:21:53 PM »
You make good points but I still say we do not (yet) "violate the Divine Law by complying with the Ecclesiastical Law" when we attend an SSPX Mass whether a resistance Mass can be had or not.
But there is no mistaking that we are obligated to go to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation under pain of mortal sin - that is the teaching of the Church.

That depends on your circumstances. In my local SSPX I know of quite a few people who regularly come home from Mass all worked up because of a bad sermon, who have to "undo" the damage to their children afterwards, who have to try and get their children not to see the immodesty, who try and sneak away so as not to confront other people, etc.. Some people stopped going, some keep going back for more.

I don't think that this is a good way to keep the Sunday holy, especially not combined with the fact that, apart from the constant danger of sliding downhill with the rest, indirectly these people are shaking hands (or rubbing shoulders) with those who are in the process of betraying Tradition. The Archbishop and the old SSPX used to tell us we have no obligation to attend such a Mass, on the contrary, we should avoid it. The quote of Fr. Wathen expresses the same idea.

But at the end of all that, it depends on your own circumstances and on how serious you judge the right or wrong of "shaking hands with those who are in the process of betraying us". There is no hard and fast rule, and therefore there should be no pure and global red light position, only local red lights of varying shades of red..

This is what the SSPX used to say about attending a TLM from the FSSP:

This being so, attending their Mass is:
  • accepting the compromise on which they are based,
  • accepting the direction taken by the Conciliar Church and the consequent destruction of the Catholic Faith and practices, and
  • accepting, in particular, the lawfulness and doctrinal soundness of the Novus Ordo Missae and Vatican II.
That is why a Catholic ought not to attend their Masses.

Today the SSPX itself is becoming very much like the FSSP back then, maybe not yet officially but certainly in practice.
General Discussion / Re: Alt-Right, Meet Rad-Trad
« Last post by LeDeg on Today at 01:16:35 PM »
No.  The Alt-Right is not Jewish-controlled.  Milo has renounced the title of Alt-Right because he's afraid of being lumped in with it, since Richard Spencer has sabotaged the brand with his idiocy.  And Ben Shapiro?  He hates the Alt-Right.  And the Alt-Right hates him, actually.  
As for Trump?  He's an agent of chaos.  I like him very much.  He's the best president we've ever had in my entire life.
It's possible that the Alt-Right is being infiltrated.  I've often wondered if Spencer is a plant.  And that Charlottesville debacle last August REEKED of a set-up.  Jason Kessler--the guy who threw that thing together--was only a year earlier an Obama voter who worked with Occupy Wallstreet.  
That being said, the Alt-Right is nebulous and has no head to it.  That's the strength of the movement, really.
Why is Spencer an idiot? 
The word 'abrogate' doesn't need to be used you nincompoop.
Let me get this straight. The word "abrogate" doesn't need to be used, but the word "nincompoop" does, correct?
Update from Dr. Chojnowski: Sorry dear readers I have been absolutely unable to get Salza and Siscoe to clarify their position and indicate how it is exactly applicable to the current situation in the Church. When I asked Atty. Salza to answer a few basic questions with a simple yes or no answer --- using their own terminology --- all that I received back were further questions DIRECTED TOWARDS ME! (See original post above) I could not get any where when attempting to clarify the situation. I have therefore decided to stop all personal communication with Siscoe and Salza. It is simply fruitless and just causes more adjectives to be added to the word "heretic" (e.g., notorious, public, private, according to private judgment, according to the Church's judgment, that which separates from the Body of the Church, that which separates from the Soul of the Church, by law, by fact.............). I am still very much interested in this question and will publish the interesting doctrinal articles that come my way. 

Below was may last email attempt at clarification. No answers. Just questions to me......

Dear Mr. Salza,

Just two more follow-up questions:

Are the following men, according to our knowledge of them over the past decades, “public and notorious by fact or law HERETICS? Only YES or NO answers would be helpful here.

A) Hans Kung:

B) Scott Hahn:

C) Francis I: 

Next question. Is a sede vacante situation, other than in the usual interregnum or a situation in which the “universally acclaimed” man is not the actual true pope but someone else is:   POSSIBLE OR IMPOSSIBLE (Please, only a one word response here to help clarify my understanding of your own views.) 

Thank you. 

Yours, Peter
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Husband needs an anti-fungal remedy for his toes
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 12:55:46 PM »
Used to raise sheep who got foot rot. The only cure was to get them to stand in a solution of copper sulfate and warm water for 10 minutes twice a day for three days. It cured the foot rot about 98% of the time so give that a try for your toe nails and let us know how that worked, just note the copper sulfate will turn your feet blue but should wear off in a few days or so.
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