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offering a rosary for you.
The great apostacy.  

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"Liberalism always has two sides: it affirms the truth, which it claims is" the thesis, "and then in reality, in practice, in" the hypothesis, "as he says, acts as enemies, with the principles of enemies of the Church, in such a way that one is always incoherent. " Monsignor Lefebvre, Sermon in Lille, France, 08/29/76.

"What is the doctrine of the universal church that you represent?" Huonder :  The Catholic faith was relaunched at the Second Vatican Council for today, in its documents you will find the tradition and its implementation for today. "

SOURCE  (Emphasis in bold and / or red color, added by NP)

The Diocese of Chur is in constant dispute. Bishop Vitus Huonder follows the papal line, rejects the Eucharist to the divorced and reinforces the practice of the Mass in Latin. And he expects reconciliation with the Fraternity of Saint Pius X.

Mons. Huonder, the Vatican is shaken by Vatileaks. Why is the creation of transparency through the publication of documents dangerous for the Church?

Huonder: There are leaks in all the important organizations. The question is always when the threshold of pain will be reached, when it will harm those affected psychologically or socially. In addition to transparency, there is also the right to confidentiality and data protection.

The Diocese of Chur has been in trouble for years. There has just been a massive protest against the rejection of the Eucharist for divorced couples who have remarried. Where do you go with your diocese?

Huonder: The bishop has the responsibility of the life of faith in his diocese. Everything that I publish is in the interest of the proclamation of the faith. We have the mission to carry forward the Gospel of Jesus.

This is exactly what the pastors who massively criticize say.

Huonder: A bishop does not speak as an individual, but is connected with the Church throughout the world, with the Pope and with the doctrine of the Church. The bishop is the first teacher of his diocese, as the Second Vatican Council says.

But pastors no longer obey. At least in the case of the Eucharist for the divorced.

Huonder: Catholic identity is important. Say what is the doctrine of the Church. With this letter I wanted to help people who are in a difficult situation due to their circumstances. My intention is to build a pastoral for these people and make it public.

But the town is excluded.

Huonder: We have a pastoral mission to help these people so they can rethink their attachment to the church. But pastoral care can only be done on the basis of the doctrine of the faith of the Church.

Pastoral care could also be, as in Basel, admitting people who are divorced in the Eucharist.

Huonder: The doctrine of the Church protects the indissolubility of marriage. This is the general principle that applies everywhere in the Church. Dealing with divorce is part of the specific pastoral care on the ground.

Would not the church become more popular if it responded to the people?

Huonder: I am with Jesus, who was not populist and never asked how to adapt the message so that it is better received. He was only interested in the truth, whether convenient or inconvenient. It is this attitude that is needed today. Because the Pope says that in Central Europe there is more bureaucracy in the Church than missionary force.

What is the doctrine of the universal church that you represent?

Huonder : The Catholic faith was relaunched at the Second Vatican Council for today. In your documents you will find the tradition and its implementation for today.

So, a pluralistic Catholicism?

Huonder: In the Council, the Magisterium reformulated various aspects of the faith. This does not rule out that then there will be a deeper reflection with different solutions.

But Chur wants a strongly hierarchical Catholic Church.

Huonder: The Catholic Church looks the same all over the world. I want to be allowed to live also in Switzerland, according to its nature: hierarchically, led by the Pope and the bishops.The Council never questioned this order.

The grassroots Catholic movements criticize the process of strengthening the hierarchy.

Huonder: Catholicism can enter into any political circumstance and into any peculiarity of a people. But this can lead to issues that need to be discussed.

They favor the priests who celebrate the Latin Mass. That's right?

Huonder: Not only am I a bishop of the diocese of Chur, but with the Pope and all the bishops I am responsible for the whole church. A single bishop must also take into account all the needs of the Church.

Is it necessary to train priests who celebrate the Mass in Latin?

Huonder: The Holy Father decided so, he made great strides in relation to the traditional Holy Mass. I respect that and I want it to be done.

In the Vatican there is the question of reconciliation with the very conservative Fraternidad San Pio X. How do you see this?

Huonder: Since the beginning of the mandate of Pope Benedict XVI, the Fraternity of Saint Pius X has had great confidence in him. Even before becoming a Pope, he was very understanding of the issues that concern the Fraternity. They sought contact with the Pope and asked for the excommunication to be lifted.

The question of reconciliation is still being debated. What is your position?

Huonder: The talks are in a final phase. The Pope really wants to promote unity and build a bridge.

Even with the Fraternity of Saint Pius X?

Huonder: Yes.

Unity with archconservative forces could lead to a split with liberal Catholics.

Huonder: The unity of the Church is a problem at all times. There will always be a spectrum of positions, and therefore the Holy Father should try to reorder it again.

In relation to Richard Williamson, bishop of the Fraternity condemned as a Holocaust denier, there was a scandal in public opinion.

Huonder: The Pope contemplates many people of the Fraternity who want to live their faith. You can not blame them all for the Williamson person. That would be to blame them collectively.

The far-right Internet portal, which calls itself "Catholic News", applauds regularly.That does not bother you?

Huonder: We have clearly distanced ourselves from

Does not the applause bother you?

Huonder: For me it is important to carry out my task as bishop correctly. If I can say at the end of the day that I have tried, everything is fine for me.

The priest Reto Nay of his diocese publishes on Why do you tolerate it?

Huonder: In principle, freedom of expression also applies to a priest. I am not aware of any publication of Reto Nay during my time as bishop. It is not appropriate for a priest from the Diocese of Chur to publish on this website.

What do you do if your support in the diocese continues to decrease?

Huonder: I feel that there are many believers who expect the Bishop of Chur to be as he is.

" It's great to be able to offer a home to a bishop like that."

P. Firmin Suter FSSPX, Director of the Sancta Maria Institute,  Wangs, Switzerland.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: FBI investigating OLMC
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 01:12:23 PM »
By FBI do you mean the Full Blooded Italians or the gov'mint?
The question, Ladislaus, is whether you are willing and able to retract your opinion and submit to the judgment of the Church.
Are you?
Pope Benedict XVI 2009 - "Until the doctrinal questions are clarified, the Society has no canonical status in the Church, and its ministers — even though they have been freed of the ecclesiastical penalty — do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church."
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: NYC DOT better Catholics than Diocese of NY!
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 12:27:15 PM »
Fr., now Bp. Zendejas, has mass not in NYC, but about 70 miles from there in Connecticut.  If you don't drive, or have someone to drive you, there's no public transportation to reasonably reach his location.  

As to exact times, places, he doesn't use Internet at all. It seems information is by word of mouth amongst those in the know.  I believe this may be because his base is very close to the Ridgefield SSPX priory where he was prior for many years.  

Bp. Zendejas left the SSPX in 2014 and returned to Connecticut.  When this hapoened, a large number of people left Ridgefield.  I've rumors of harassment, threats, on-line bullying, vandalism, and children being expelled from the SSPX school as a result of a parent attending Fr. Zendejas' Mass.  For this reason, the Connecticut mass center is kept secretive.  I believe Fr. also says Mass at Matthew, the site owner's chapel where things are considerably more open.  Unfortunately, Texas is a bit far for New Yorkers. 
Crisis in the Church / Re: Eastern Rites
« Last post by confederate catholic on Today at 12:07:26 PM »
the fact that the holy office consistently issued decrees indicates that people were attending said liturgies otherwise there would be no need.
Franciscan and Jesuit clerics had to report to the Orthodox bishops in the holy land, hope that doesn't make your head explode.
Crisis in the Church / Re: Eastern Rites
« Last post by confederate catholic on Today at 11:56:16 AM »
no all orthodox do not reject the authority of the pope, this is an error, what they reject if they do is the idea that the Pope is somehow able to singlehandedly tell the church to overturn tradition.

I am not here to get you to understand eastern law since the concept of our law apparently has to be explained to an eastern catholic by a sedevacantist who is according to canonical norms excommunicated by his own church for violating canons. the irony is very funny
His Grace Archbishop Lefebvre, from the link given earlier: "Consequently, the Society of St. Pius X, its priests, brothers, sisters, and oblates, cannot tolerate among its members those who refuse to pray for the Pope or affirm that the Novus Ordo Missae is per se invalid." To drop the name of the Pope from the Canon and then to declare this to others proudly is nothing less than public schism.

I gave a certain someone 5 clear proofs that the SSPX was not in schism, all from Rome and the authorities of the Church. Yet he dishonestly ignored it altogether, then repeated his false allegations for the umpteenth time as if they had not been answered before.

As a layman, now 61 years later into your alleged "material vacancy", you can raise doubts with the Bishops and Cardinals. You can write to them or go and visit them in person. You're not a schismatic in doing so. If they all tell you Pope Francis is Pope, then he is.

The question, Ladislaus, is whether you are willing and able to retract your opinion and submit to the judgment of the Church.

It is Church Teaching that the Church is infallible in identifying the man who holds the office of the Pope. You reject Her judgment.

Quote from: Climacus
Great response here.  XavierSem understands the papacy.  Thanks for taking the time to explain something so simple and yet so grossly misunderstood by Sedes today Xavier.  I am relatively new to this forum so I don't know what your positions are but you definitely grabbed my attention with this response. Thank you.
Sure, Climacus, happy to help. The sedes have definitely got it wrong, and I'll give you a simple means to be assured 61 year svism is not only wrong but in fact heretical to hold. Vatican I defined the Pope's Primacy of Jurisdiction and even the "last Pope" of the sedevacantists taught that only the Pope can grant ordinary jurisdiction to a Bishop. But a Bishop is generally consecrated around 35 years of age and resigns around 75. Now, it is defined dogma and de fide that there must always be Ordinaries in the Church. This is a requirement of Apostolicity, as is explained in the CE and numerous other sources. Therefore, even to stretch it to 10 or 15 more years, 50-55 years of an alleged interregnum is an absolute impossibility.

The Church will lose the power of jurisdiction itself if the See of Peter is even "materially vacant" for that long. So, not possible.

You will never find in a pre-Vatican II theology manual the claim of the sedeprivationists that the Pope can have a "material office". What the books say is that the Power of Orders is the Matter of Apostolic Succession. The Power of Jurisdiction is the Form of Apostolic Succession. And Jurisdiction is not again composed of matter and form. For an analogy, in man, the body is the matter and the soul is the form. But the soul is not composite, but is simple in comparison with the body, as St. Thomas teaches.

Let me quote Fr. Gueranger on (1) the visible nature of the Church and the Hierarchy, (2) the visible way in which the power of jurisdiction devolves from the Chair of St. Peter to the Bishops. "Thus it is that the divine Founder of the Church, who willed that she should be a city seated on a mountain, gave her visibility; it was an essential requisite; for since all were called to enter her pale, all must be able to see her. But He was not satisfied with this. He moreover willed that the spiritual power exercised by her pastors should come from a visible source, so that the faithful might have a sure means of verifying the claims of those who were to guide them in His name. Our Lord (we say it reverently) owed this to us; for, on the last day, He will not receive us as His children, unless we shall have been members of His Church, and have lived in union with Him by the ministry of pastors lawfully constituted." Let the sedevacantist take note.

The way forward for Traditional Catholics imho looking for the right traditional Catholic position is that of SSPX and Indult Traditionalists continuing to uphold Tradition and Catholic orthodoxy in canonical communion with Rome. Certainly, after July 2007 and Summorum Pontificum correcting some past injustices, there is in my opinion no further need to do otherwise. And even in the last 10 years, that approach has borne some fruit, and it holds great promise of bearing much more fruit in the decades to come, especially if Traditionalists take the right steps now, work together in unity in truth and love, in the path that His Excellency Bp. Fellay and Fr. Pagliarani have charted out for us. Catholic Tradition is the future. But in the Church and for the Church, with the Pope's full authorization, so that the Society itself acts as the Church.
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