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Fighting Errors in the Modern World / Montreal Police shut down sede Mass
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This was posted on Twitter by Fr. Dutertre, a recently ordained priest from Bp. Sanborn's seminary. The police invaded his chapel in Montreal during the sermon yesterday (Nov. 22) and made everyone leave, stopping the Mass, and threatening a massive fine if they had Mass there again.
I Told You This Would Happen:  White Americans Are On The Road To Dispossession
November 17, 2020 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: |  Print This Article

I Told You This Would Happen:  White Americans Are On The Road To Dispossession
Paul Craig Roberts
Biden has appointed a radical slavery reparations advocate to his Treasury Department transition team.  Mehrsa Baradaran, a UCLA professor, advocates reparations as the way to correct “white supremacy.”  As I have reported, scholars have concluded that there are probably as many and perhaps more white descendants of slaves in the US than black descendants.  
Baradaran misuses the word, “reparations.”  Reparations are what a harmed person is paid by the person that harmed them. No living white person has ever owned a slave, and no living black American has ever been a slave.  So what Baradaran is advocating is that white Americans be dispossessed so that black Americans can take their assets.  In other words, she is advocating a racist act of theft.  Her racism against white Americans has not kept her off of Biden’s Treasury transition team or from being a UCLA professor who brainwashes students. As the Democrats intend to open the floodgates of nonwhite immigration, every person of color who enters the US will benefit from the dispossession of white Americans.
But as I also have told you.  Facts no longer matter in America.  They do not matter in the universities and educational system any more than they do in the media and politics.  We live in a world spun out of lies concocted to demonize white people.  The punishment for telling the truth is to be cancelled, which is what has happened to the few honest journalists and professors and is what is happening right now to President Trump.  White Americans are so brainwashed that they sit there sucking their thumbs while a coup unfolds before their eyes.
Democrats are dumping huge amounts of money into the runoffs for the US Senate in Georgia.  Having stolen the presidential election, if the Democrats take these seats, the Democrats will have the entire government, and what is left of the US will be dismantled. 

Here's the latest bulletin. Doesn't mention Pensacola. 
I have blessed candles that are 100% beeswax, but when I asked the SSPX priest to bless a small box of wooden matches he all but laughed out loud and said there was no blessing for the matches, and the candle should light itself in case of the 3 Days. I felt pretty dumb, especially since I had gone to the trouble to decorate the matchbox with a picture of OLF.  :facepalm:
I am actually in the process of listening to the entire production. At 42:44 , there is a short summary "The actual Sacrifice is about to begin. From this point forward, there are only two dominant themes in the action of the Mass. Giving to God and receiving from God. The gifts we give are ourselves and the crucified Christ. The gifts we receive, the Body and Blood of Christ" . Is an accurate descriptions. Sounds NOish, especially that "ourselves".

Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Raccoon Apocalypse
« Last post by Your Friend Colin on Today at 09:03:05 PM »
Canadians!  :laugh1:
Hmm. Your actions and thoughts sound somewhat familiar to myself.

Shortly after my conversion from a wicked life, I ran in to the Dimond brothers material.  That began my obsession with end times prophecy and private revelations in addition to fostering the vice of scrupulosity. I have felt that I was going to lose my mind on several occasions, the last being between January and March of this year. It seems you have an obsessive compulsive disorder, as I do.

My recommendation to you would be to STOP reading and researching private revelations and interpretations concerning the End Times and Coming of Christ, Fewness of the Saved. These topics can studied by people with a stable mind. You do not have a stable mind and you must realize that.

The best way to banish your servile fear is to frequently meditate on the mercy of God. Find meditations on the Passion of Christ from traditional authors (I can link you to some). Read spiritual authors such as St. Francis de Sales, Louis of Blois, Father St. Jure and Pierre Claude de la Colombiere and some of St. Alphonsus’ works. I can not stress the importance of mental prayer enough. Prayer is the key to salvation. You must pray.

I don’t know what your beliefs are (Indult, SSPX, Resistance, Sede), but of course, I recommend contacting a valid, Catholic sedevacantist priest and telling him your struggles. You must obey what he tells you, despite all your fears and tormenting anxieties and doubts. I can promise you that if you begin to a obey him you will find relief. And of course, you must receive the Blessed Sacrament, frequently.

I know what you are going through in your mind. It is truly a cross to bear. You will be in my prayers.
Does anyone have Fr. Francis’ contact information? I will be in Pensacola for Thanksgiving visiting family and if I remember correctly, he has a mission there. The Christ the King, Lafayette, LA website is currently unavailable so I have no way to contact him to see if he will be having a Sunday Mass in Pensacola. 

With all due respect to theologians, if I had to choose between a theologian and a person who had the approval of her Bishop, who had the stigmata, and who survived solely on the Eucharist, I'd have to go with the latter.

If someone can afford to buy the candles, and has a traditional Catholic priest who can bless them, it seems better to err on the side of prudence.
Cera, this is what we term apparitionists. 
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