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It doesn't even shock or anger me anymore. I'm so desensitised and used to this that all it gets from me is a sigh. 

What a blessing it must've been to have been alive when the Church was still Catholic. 
I don't think there's any worry of people mistaking QPC for Quasi-periodic Photonic Crystals when discussing Catholicism.
Quarter Pounder with Cheese - Oh my.
QPC is forever linked with a juicy hamburger dripping with melted cheese.

I gotta go get some lunch.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Knock Pilgrimage 2018
« Last post by forlorn on Today at 04:41:11 PM »
It's a shame they've desecrated the place with modernist architecture. I'll never understand how that appeals to anyone. 
I can just see the taunts from the left:
SSPX - so?  
SSPX - so what!
Besides, it sports the SSPX name.

"Quo Primum Catholic" sounds great!
However, there is already a website:   - better data, better decisions

Why not use? SPX-QPC
This is not taken, but with the mention of QPC during Lent, one could mistake that for
Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

the dictionary list below provides other already taken uses for QPC.

QPCQuantum Point Contact
QPCQuarter Pounder with cheese (McDonalds sandwich burger)
QPCQuasi Propulsive Coefficient
QPCQueen Pump Company
QPCQuasi-periodic Photonic Crystal
QPCQuality and Process Control
QPCQuality Performance Consultant
QPCQuantity Per Component
QPCQuantity per Carton (product packing)
I don't think there's any worry of people mistaking QPC for Quasi-periodic Photonic Crystals when discussing Catholicism. 

Lefebvre: Does that mean that no Protestant, no Muslim, no Buddhist or animist will be saved? No, it would be a second error to think that. Those who cry for intolerance in interpreting St. Cyprian’s formula, “Outside the Church there is no salvation,” also reject the Creed, “I confess one baptism for the remission of sins,” and are insufficiently instructed as to what baptism is. There are three ways of receiving it: the baptism of water; the baptism of blood (that of the martyrs who confessed the faith while still catechumens) and baptism of desire. 

I would like folks like Ladislaus and NO to go on the record. Maybe you both have in the past, but I have no time to go through the accumulated reams of babble on CI from the two of you true Catholic gents. The words above are reprinted, (perhaps for the third time), from the writings of ABL. Are you willing to testify for the record that the Archbishop was wrong, and, by extension, that Bp Williamson is wrong, including the three bishops whom the former has appointed? If so, please say so in clear words which all of us can understand. Please do not belabor us with unnecessary verbiage. I want succinct statements from you both that I can file away and have always at hand
Crisis in the Church / Re: Privationism in Fr. Wathen's book
« Last post by Ladislaus on Today at 03:58:26 PM »
I can't find the exact St. Thomas quote, cited (but not quoted) by St. Robert Bellarmine, but he states that the character in a severed member indicates not that the member is still part of the body but merely that it USED to be and has a potency to return thereto.
Crisis in the Church / Re: Privationism in Fr. Wathen's book
« Last post by Ladislaus on Today at 03:49:05 PM »
Yes, in a sense, they are still members.  If they lost their membership 100%, then they would have to be re-baptized.

Not according to Msgr. Fenton ... who doesn't believe in the concept of an imperfect membership.  I actually believe that it's possible, and could be used as a Catholic explanation for BoD.  I had a big argument with LoT about this very subject.  Fenton rejected the notion of imperfect membership held by some theologians, but I felt that he was wrong.  At least with that you don't have to come up with an ecclesiology that allows the salvation of catechumens that results in this ridiculous idea of an invisible union with a visible body.  He says that you can be within the Church without being part of it ... with the only visualization being not unlike an undigested piece of food inside the stomach.  So I call that "undigested hamburger ecclesiology".

BUT ... generally speaking, according to St. Robert Bellarmine and others, heretic, apostates, and schismatics are NOT members of the Church.  It's not unlike if someone cut off your hand.  By virtue of the DNA, it still retains the identifying marker of having once been part of the body, but it's no longer part of the body.  Similarly, the baptismal character of such a one indicates that the person USED to be part of the body, even though it no longer is (as taught by St. Thomas).  So just like with the DNA markers of a severed limb.  It's not just a dead member, but has actually been removed from the unity of the body.  Now, if part of your body rots of gangrene or something, it's a dead member, but still a part of the body.  Hair and nails, for instance, consist of dead cells, but they are part of the body.  That's like Catholics who are not in a state of grace.
Teen Catholic Hangout / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by Maria Regina on Today at 03:47:19 PM »
As far as he was concerned, the one time it worked was worth it.  And, yes, the siblings will expose one another for cheating.  Kids can be incredibly clever, which is why they must be watched at all times.  Now the problem is when there's collusion so that they don't expose one another ... or else they blackmail each other into keeping silent by threatening to expose some other misdeed.  Ah, yes, the marvels of Original Sin.

My 10-year-old son tries to avoid showering by running the water while he just sits there on the closed toilet.  Would have worked except that he'd come out looking and smelling just as dirty as when he went in.  So now my wife touches his hair and smells him as he gets out.  Smell will usually give him away.  And he sat there as long as it would have taken just to do the job right ... so that it wasn't even about saving time, but about being lazy.
Oh, yes, he would flash that huge Cheshire grin of his with pie crumbs all over his face. And then it was off to the next conquest.

If he could not get the next piece of pie, then he would stay up, and when everyone else was asleep loudly snoring, he would tiptoe into the kitchen and have himself whatever he could find even if it met that there would be no food left to make the school lunches in the morning.

Please pray for him as he is among the lost. We do not know if he is dead or alive as we have lost all contact with him after his wife died.
Teen Catholic Hangout / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by Cantarella on Today at 03:42:04 PM »
Teen Catholic Hangout / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by Cantarella on Today at 03:41:35 PM »
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