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Fighting Errors in the Modern World / Re: The torments of unbaptized infants.
« Last post by aryzia on Yesterday at 11:13:26 PM »
That may be your personal belief. However, the Church's belief is that unbaptized babies who die do not attain Heaven on account of original sin, which suffices for damnation and may only be remitted through sacramental Baptism.

Thank goodness Catholicism is not based upon personal beliefs.
I think that is Happenby's point. It is ridiculous to even suggest another remedy.
That may be your personal belief. However, the Church's belief is that unbaptized babies who die do not attain Heaven on account of original sin, which suffices for damnation and may only be remitted through sacramental Baptism.

Thank goodness Catholicism is not based upon personal beliefs. 
Fighting Errors in the Modern World / Re: The torments of unbaptized infants.
« Last post by happenby on Yesterday at 11:03:51 PM »
Its amazing how people like to twist the teachings of the Church to serve their own personal belief system.  "I personally believe God would never..."  Why say such things?  What good does it do for you to believe anything if God does His Way?  The point being, God is still not a bad guy even if he sent 99.9% of everyone to hell; He's God and what He does is perfect.  We actually have very little idea what He's thinking or what He's up to regarding souls.  Now, we do get a little bit of a clue when the Church warns us that without the sanctifying grace of baptism, no one enters heaven.  The truly humble shut up at that. You'd think folks would filter off, heads bowed, and all go home and do sacrifice for those who as yet aren't baptized.  But no. People's positive opinions of God detract from the remedy for perishing souls because those who opine are too busy arguing about the goodness of God to do the unbaptized any favors.  Besides, they always think happy thoughts, so they won't be doing anything about the problem anyway.  Trust them, its all good. 

And this, in the minds of Catholics, is the more charitable position to hold.
but im probably going to be banned from sspx for posting on cathinfo anyway once griego sees that i did.
Which just proves the lobbying going on. If he wants to get letigous about it there are always recourse to groups that protect rights of people from discrimination such as the equality tribunal, there is also the option that i can share my story with victims advocacy groups and the media, or start my own youtube channel where i say what happened and use a proxy so i get 1st amendment protection for my speech. there are many ways i can play them at their own game. if i had money they would have got sued a long time ago but free legal aid wont cover cases as this. the legal system is somewhat rigged to preserve the interests of the status quo and wealthy, but that is changing and i wont shut up about it because i know public opinion would be on my side and any judge will destroy himself if he becomes a pawn of the catholic church which is hated.
so that closes this chapter of my life. another satistifed customer of the sspx.
ill recommend them to everyone... everyone who wants a life of misery that is.
Sacred Heart of Jesus holding globe
The horizon always appears perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer regardless of altitude. All amateur balloon, rocket, plane and drone footage show a completely flat horizon over 20+ miles high. Only NASA and other government "space agencies" show curvature in their fake CGI photos/videos.

The horizon always rises to the eye level of the observer as altitude is gained, so you never have to look down to see it. If Earth were in fact a globe, no matter how large, as you ascended the horizon would stay fixed and the observer / camera would have to tilt looking down further and further to see it.

The natural physics of water is to find and maintain its level. If Earth were a giant sphere tilted, wobbling and hurdling through infinite space then truly flat, consistently level surfaces would not exist here. But since Earth is in fact an extended flat plane, this fundamental physical property of fluids finding and remaining level is consistent with experience and common sense.
Sacred Heart of Jesus holding globe
Yes, this depiction is likely more recent because the figures on the globe appear to have continents--a modern interpretation. But in the more ancient depictions of the globus cruciger, the globe always represented the entirety of creation, not just earth... as the Fathers have explained.  This would be far more consistent with doctrine because God is the God of all creation, not just of the earth.  If the globe is only the earth, that suggests that God isn't the God of the heavens, or the planets and stars, for instance.  Catholics never promoted a globe earth until it started creeping into art once the condemnation of heliocentrism was disparaged and forgotten.  Up till then, Christendom reflected details of its doctrine far more carefully in art.  One parallel would be the Sr Faustina Christ devoid of a heart.  Such a thing was unheard of in ancient times.   
Catholics are not exempt from pride and therefore can be just as despicable as any other human being. We all come from the same parents of Original Sin.
This situation has obviously spiraled out of hand because everyone involved feels justified by their own responses to it, including you. Maybe you made a mistake somewhere along the way too. Not saying you did, but prayerful self reflection will help.

Thinking back on the first time you attended the chapel, did you chat and visit with folks after Mass, or did you keep to yourself?
Were friendships built for any amount of time while you were attending there? If the answer is no, and you were only chosen at random to be the ‘Chapel Pincushion’ then consider yourself blessed. Christ Himself was falsely accused of the most wicked of offenses, and His true followers embraced being persecuted as well. ‘The servant is no greater than the Master’.

And if the answer is yes you did have friends, or even aquatintences, then maybe it would be best at this time to go to Mass (another chapel) and the Sacraments for Christ and your Salvation, and not for friendship. People of fallen human nature will fail you every time.
If the Saints had left the Church and abandoned Christ when people were mean to them, we wouldn’t have any Saints. You should read some of their autobiography’s. ALL of them suffered persecution (many at the hands of their authorities) and they offered it for HIM because they knew He suffered much worse and on their behalf.

Jesus suffered for you too. Don’t abandon Him because of others wicked fallen human nature. It’s not HIS fault.
Yes I did talk to everyone there and I did not know I was talking to wolves because I was fresh from the general public and nieve. I had too much empathy for people who were manipulative users and with some of the cruel contempt i got from certain people, not saying who but its obvious, i increased my efforts to win their approval and part of me believed it was my fault for their sins and i tried to get grace for people through ususual prayer routines etc. I could not understand the contempt i got and i dwelt in obsessive self criticism to discover an answer. But i should have seen these people for what they were and not believed the front they portray to the world. Not until i saw them destroy each other was it obvious. To this day i am still taken in by their false claims about themselves (parishioners only) and their front christian moral superiority, but i also have anger and resentment and rage which is how i defend myself from being used and taken in again.
But now i dont believe any of it and i think they are all imposters. If i did not have that and i submitted to their will and was charitable to everybody then i would immediately find that they destroy me all over again. I have righteous anger at them and i think they know it, or maybe theyre stupid about it and dont think i have any self interest, which is possible too.
Either way they made it impossibel for me to go to the only chapel in travel distance i can reach, and their lobbying made their opinion relevant, and they boycott me which means they are happy that they closed the door and condemned me to hell and made it impossible for me to go back even if the priest says i can, they go over his head.
The priests are getting attacked by these same parishioners and lobbiests and they are afraid of them, they are intimidated into silence. One priest who knows and witnessed the abuse i got told me "if i say anything itll make it 10 times worse".
I know that the new priests at the chapel are not cult like in their thinking and they are more in it for spiritual reasons and i think they are decent priests who want to save souls. I know they are disgusted by the bigots (their words not mine) and they know full well what these people are like. I have sympathy for the priests but not the obstructionist parishioners who hijacked the chapel
The way you speak about sspx chapels is not uncommon, unfortunately.

The people who take care of them seem to begin to think it is their chapel.  They own it.
It is unfortunate, but sadly true.

I have had similar experiences.  Did it stop me?  No.  I just learned to attend mass and leave.  You don't really need to talk to anyone except, maybe, the priest, if you need a special blessing or sacrament.

And it is not a solely sspx problem, either.  I have seen it at independent chapels run by a "board", too.  They get big heads.

Just remember why you go to mass and go for that purpose only.  Doesn't matter who else is there.  Ignore them.

God bless you and help you find peace.
Don't let Satan win.
I agree and obviously SSPX chapels are known worldwide to be attended by people who can be cruel, uncharitable, think theyre superior, eccentric, narcissistic, gossipy, manipulative political etc Everyone knows this is what SSPX are like and they only succeed in destroying their own reputation amongst the general public. On the one hand they feign devout piety, 5 mins later and they are bickering and trying to hurt each other with toxic razor sharp comments and gossip and trying to get authority figures to impose their own personal will on their enemies.
But the thing is that even though I dont have to talk to people at the chapel, as you suggest.
In fact I actually do, because they forced themselves into relevance in my life through lobbying the priests.
They have a weak crowd pleasing priest as the superior who they have thoroughly persuaded and to prevent people leaving griego marked me as to blame for everything even things that didnt happen, while giving them a free pass to do what they want to anybody. He did this because it was politically expedient even though it was unjust.
The whole situation forces me to try to amateurishly play politics with the pharisees in the chapel and persuade them that i will be malliable to their preferences and will even though i am disgusted with the lot of them.
I bought them all presents for easter and last xmas and they were like, o thanks very kind of you,
then next time they see me they are saying "that guys a total nutjob" and making calls to the superior and to menzigen to get them to ban me on grounds of being "unstable imbalanced etc"
To such people I have nothing but disgust and fear. Not only did they force themselves to be relevant, but they are intrinsically biased against me for reasons of a diagnosis which i can do nothing to nullify the stigma of.
Maybe they could have said i was imbalanced (love how they use psychiatric terminology of chemical pathology btw)
As if they were experts... back when i was obsessed with doing penance to try to convert a renegade religious with a massage business who i was convinced was going to hell and it was my duty to save because I knew.
 I had my reasons for doing what i did and going to church every day and praying all the time.
I got nothing but contempt for it and i made a big effort and was despised for it.
I think they wanted me out of the chapel from day one and only looking for an excuse.
I think they done strategy and waited for their moment and picked it when fr walliez was about to leave the country.
Give the chapel a bad image to new comers with some weirdo there every day doing penance all the time and his stupid all night vigils and penance rosaries and office and things. Weirdo he was. He was not imitating saints he read about he was doing it because of a psychiatric illness. It was not to win grace to save souls it was because he was obsessed for immoral reasons.
He had to be a wolf in sheeps clothing just like the rest of us. being totally spiritual and abstaining from chapel politics and gossiup was too virtuous and we had to find some way to cut him down to size because he was not a political fanatic of our own particular slant on things and we need the attention not god not spiritual lifestyle not prayers not morality not nothing the attention has to be on us and we have to be the centre of attention because power over the chapel belongs to us because we know how to save souls and not this weirdo sick person tormenting himself with penances for something we deny is happening in the first place.
Its my personal belief that the unbaptized 'innocents' (those who die unbaptized and with no actual sin) will eventually make it to heaven
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Resistance Directory
« Last post by Fanny on Yesterday at 09:42:49 PM »
That figures! I thought he was one of the few un-controversial inclusions and yet you seem to disagree. 
Fr. Voigt seems to leave a wake wherever he goes.
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