View full version: The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers
  1. Private Revelations
  2. Saint Francis Xavier
  3. Saint Barbara
  4. Prayer for prudence for me
  5. Immaculate Conception -- Feast Day December 8th
  6. EMER prayer for my husband please
  7. Pray for me and my family
  8. On Hell
  9. St Andrew
  10. St Saturninus
  11. St Catherine Laboure
  12. First Sunday of Advent
  13. Saint Katherine of Alexandria
  14. St Vergil of Salzburg
  15. St James Intercisus
  16. A Litany For Crusaders
  17. St. Leonard of Port Maurice
  19. St Felicity of Rome
  20. Saint Cecilia
  21. Last Sunday After Pentecost
  22. The Presention of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  23. The Temple Mount
  24. St Bernward
  25. St Felix of Valois
  26. The Tetragrammaton
  27. The Twelve Promises to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
  28. The Official Catholic Beer Blessing
  29. Martyrs of Communist Russia
  30. Hugh of Lincoln
  31. Ignatous of Antioch
  32. St Mechtilde
  33. St Gertrude
  34. Kings and queens who were saints
  35. Devotion to the Holy Face
  36. St Gertrude
  37. Promises of Our Lord to St Gertrude the Great
  38. Devotion to the Holy Shoulder Wound Of Christ
  39. Whether it belongs to man to act for an end?
  40. Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
  41. St Albert the Great
  42. pray for me today
  43. St Josaphat
  44. prayer for Gods grace
  45. The Miracle Man
  46. St Francis Xavier Cabrini
  47. St Stanislaus Kostka
  48. Saint Didacus (Diego)
  49. Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel
  50. Feast of All Saints of the Order of Preachers