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Catholic Living in the Modern World / Re: My 4 year old nephews school
« Last post by songbird on Today at 06:08:38 PM »
Find a Home school group and let them home school him.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you, Hobbledehoy.
« Last post by JezusDeKoning on Today at 05:24:04 PM »
If only we had even one iota of his humility and charity. Really.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you, Hobbledehoy.
« Last post by Nadir on Today at 04:47:25 PM »
I remember when Hobbledehoy bowed out gracefully. He admitted to spending too much time here and was going to spend more time in prayer and mediation, if I remember correctly. I was sad to see him go. I wonder it he sneaks a peak from time to time.

His posts were truly uplifting and he never said a bad word about any person.

For newbies here, I'd recommend going (back) over some of his posts.

His first which speaks volumes about the man:

Please accept my condolences for the tragic loss of your mother. I cannot presume to have the words or wisdom wherewith to console you in this very sorrowful and vexing calamity, but be assured of my prayers for the eternal repose of your mother. Be also assured of my prayers for you and your family, that you may be endowed with the graces necessary to abandon yourselves with filial trust to the Providence of our Blessed Lord, Who disposes all things according to the designs of His ineffable clemency and charity
His second (introduce yourself):

Hello everybody:
I'm a twenty-something construction worker from the western seaboard. I am interested in liturgical, theological, scriptural and ecclesiastical studies. I hope I can contribute something edifying to this forum.

Crisis in the Church / Re: ex cathedra, Francis
« Last post by Nandarani on Today at 04:43:59 PM »
Am presently to post a link.  But before I do:

1. beef with this could be taken up with the person in back of the site (one of them). 

I've never used the word 'beef' before... but it comes to mind and is a short way of saying:  the person back of site is extremely articulate, intelligent, compassionate, complex, and all sorts of nifty things.  That's not me saying it - if you read, you will see evidence.  If  you do write to him expect a full response to satisfy the most discerning intellect.  It seems he is constitutionally unable to give anything less.

2. This isn't one thing that it appears to be so before assuming it is read the text. 

3. To ask the best questions of him first read all of what is there.

As St. Thomas teaches, the duty to correct doesn't bind if there's not a reasonable chance that they'll accept the correction (among other conditions).  In this case, they'll probably just irately shred the material.  It's not as if they haven't already heard that this is wrong.  On one level, they know it's wrong and are rejecting natural law.  On another level, they probably just don't care anymore.  Prayer and penance are about the best you can do for them.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you, Hobbledehoy.
« Last post by Marlelar on Today at 03:16:44 PM »
He hasn't posted for a year and a half, perhaps he is no longer with us?
Crisis in the Church / Re: ex cathedra, Francis
« Last post by Ladislaus on Today at 03:10:40 PM »
The aim of the solemn language is two-fold: declaring them in heaven, and declaring them as exemplars of the Christian faith to be emblemized and venerated. It is the latter which is problematic, because if true, traditionalism is a canard, a farce.

It's a little slippery, however, in terms of the degree to which infallibility per se applies to their being exemplars.  Does that mean they had to be perfect in every respect?  There are some saints who held theological errors even.  At what point would the Church have failed in the canonization?  Strictly speaking the major reason for the guarantee of infallibility is that the Church would not be praying officially and publicly for the intercession for someone who's in hell.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: bedroom advice needed
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 03:10:09 PM »
I hope that you will ask a priest about the moral question, but I am a mother of  seven so I know about being pregnant.  My husband and I had sex during all my pregnancies.  As you say, it is normally safe and I would have felt bad about abstaining for such a long time.  I would worry about it causing temptation.

Abstaining when you're married is different from abstaining when you are celibate and used to it. 
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: bedroom advice needed
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 03:07:07 PM »
It is my understanding that such activity should come to its natural conclusion; otherwise it's sinful.
This is really nasty:

Mass (Bernstein)
Page issues

Mass (formally: MASS: A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players, and Dancers) is a musical theatre work composed by Leonard Bernstein with text by Bernstein and additional text and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy, it premiered on September 8, 1971, conducted by Maurice Peress.[1] The performance was part of the opening of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.[2] Mass premiered in Europe in 1973, with John Mauceri conducting the Yale Symphony Orchestra in Vienna.[3]
Originally, Bernstein had intended to compose a traditional Mass, but instead decided on a more innovative form.[citation needed] The work is based on the Tridentine Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. Although the liturgical passages are sung in Latin, Mass also includes additional texts in English written by Bernstein, Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz,[4] and Paul Simon (who wrote the first quatrain of the trope "Half of the People"). The work is intended to be staged theatrically, but it has also been performed in a standard concert setting.
Initial critical reception, including a review in the New York Times, was largely negative,[1] but the Columbia Recordsrecording of the work enjoyed excellent sales.[5]

Good find VCR.   And just think about it ?

A Jewish homosexual composes a hybrid Tridentine Mass musical.

St. Pope Pius V codified it in Canon Law, that whosoever touches the holy Mass, be anathema.

So later this summer, when you hear the media-hype on "the genius of Bernstein"...

Just imagine the maestro leading a concert in Hell.

Cause most likely, that's where Lenny ended-up.
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