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  17. Roscoe I have a question for you:
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  19. Guess What...
  20. Learn about Logical Fallacies!
  21. The Hour is Coming Round at Last as Surely it Must
  22. What happens when religion is taken out
  23. Halloween Book Burning at Baptist Church Includes Bibles
  24. Austria - Hailstones Kill 90 Percent of Wild Game
  25. Pope Stephen I on Baptism??
  26. Please answer this statement from Father C Mathew and other sedes on the fo
  27. Massive Reception of TAC Anglicans into Church?
  28. Wanna Become Catholic
  29. 3 World Wars Predicted in 1871 by Freemason Pike
  30. RomanCatholic1953 may be a SGG cult member
  31. Facts on Sexual Msconduct
  32. Dawkins makes himself look really stupid
  33. ChantCD
  34. Eastern Baptism
  35. 'Antichrist' the most horrific movie ever seen
  36. Extreme weather in Texas
  37. Our Sacred Trust and the Greater Promise
  38. Quotable Belloc
  39. Eucharistic Miracle in Sokolka- Curia speaks
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  43. Taming the Tongue and Wisdom
  44. Irish song about attracting women
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  46. You're Just Mr. Oz at Home
  47. Prep Checklist
  48. New Zealand super-vulnerable to terrorism
  49. "9/11 and the Joker in the Dream Machine"
  50. Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize