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  1. Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  2. Jacob Ryan
  3. Happy Feast Day, Matthew
  4. Casti Connubii's condemnation of contraception is infallible.
  5. Ember Days this Week - Starting Wednesday
  6. Let us empty Purgatory!
  7. Hurricane Florence...please pray for us!
  8. The Wonder and Beauty of Spiritual Communions well and frequently received.
  9. Fr. G-L: The Sufferings of Mary as Co-Redemptrix
  10. House of Loreto: Altar Replaced by Table
  11. Feast of the Exaltation of Holy Cross
  12. Wakes on Sundays?
  13. Help for pagans
  14. An Unusual Dream - A Soul in Need of Prayer?
  15. Feast of the Holy Rosary or 20th Sun after Pentecost?
  16. Please pray for Kavanaugh's success in his hearing
  17. Latin-English breviary
  18. The Miracle of the Snakes
  19. St. Louis King of France, August 25
  20. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen
  21. Music and its effect on how people view religion
  22. John XXII, Quia nonnunquam
  23. First dogma of the Catholic Faith: God can be known from the things that He made
  24. Latin-only hand missals
  25. What chant is this?
  26. Low Mass, Sung Mass, Solemn High Mass
  27. St. Philomena - August 11
  28. Crickets choir
  29. The Holy Catholic in the Canon may not include the Pope
  30. August 10th, Feast of St. Lawrence of Rome
  31. Prayers for an Artist Friend and Her Husband
  32. Some unusual but great ways to love God and see Him in everything!
  33. Latin Mass Video with Subtitles
  34. Looking for Fr. Daniel Cooper's Conferences on the Discernment of Spirits
  35. Holy Ghost or Spirit?
  36. Prayers for a high risk pregnancy
  37. English Translation
  38. This 3D “carbon copy” of Jesus was created using the Shroud of Turin
  39. Prayer Request for a dying man
  40. The Divine Praises
  41. Are Consecrated Virgins only a Vatican II Church phenomenon?
  43. Saint Phillip Neri - Patron of U.S. Special Forces
  44. Pamphlets on the Holy Face Devotion - download link
  45. Indulgenced Prayer for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, 8 June 2018
  46. Question on confession
  47. Irish Easter
  48. Please also pray
  49. Prayer Request for Fr. Joseph Horvath
  50. Conversion from Greek Orthodox to Roman Catholicism