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Author Topic: The Life and Martyrdom of Savonarola - R.R. Madden (2 vols)  (Read 782 times)

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  • The Life and Martyrdom of Savonarola, Illustrative of the Church and State Connexion by R. R. Madden (1853) in two volumes
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    Re: The Life and Martyrdom of Savonarola - R.R. Madden (2 vols)
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  • I read "Romola" by George Eliot, which is set in this period. The politics were complicated. A wikipedia page on Savonarola just to refresh some outline points.

    Wikipedia can be dodgy sometimes, and some folks complain it's run by a Jєω Jimmy Wales, but it's still okay for many topics sometimes, like red birds or blue birds, big fish or little fish, pine trees or oak trees, motor boat or sail boats, etc.