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  1. Wonderful interview with Dr Robert Gentry, creationist.
  2. Questions about a Geocentric universe
  3. Hilaire Belloc and the Flat Earther
  4. Fr Robinson SSPX and his Big Bang evolving creation.interview
  5. why catholics are so opposed to flat earth
  6. Catholic Flatearth Believers
  7. Sources about heliocentrism, pseudoscience and Nasa
  8. Flat Earth Question
  9. Is the moon flat too?
  10. Flat Earth quotes
  11. Google is Censoring Flat Earth Videos
  12. Shape of the Earth in 'The Discarded Image; by C. S. Lewis
  13. For those interested in the great geocentric revival
  14. Weaponizing the Flat Earth Movement
  15. Only Polish Cosmonaut States that the Earth is Flat
  16. Bible Depicts a Flat and Stationary Earth
  17. Sermon On The Moon As Its Own Light
  18. Rail Guns
  19. Most interesting account of what happened with Noah's Flood
  20. Why flat earth is so important. Dr. R.B.
  21. The Earth is at absolute rest
  22. More on the flat-Earth fraud
  23. Interesting debate on the Earth now known to be at the centre of the universe
  24. Geocentrism
  25. Saturday Night Trad: Robert Sungenis on the Journey to the Center of the Univers
  26. Moon and Sun angles?
  27. Flat eatthers
  28. Copernicus & Galileo used to bring about women priests
  29. Sungenis a falsificationist?
  30. Flat Earth Trads supporting B. Williamson
  31. Forge and Anvil Interviews E. Michael Jones
  32. INVENTING THE FLAT EARTH by Jeffrey Burton Russell
  33. New Geocentrism Book by Robert Sungenis
  34. Amazing 3D Moon Lamp Proves Moon Can Have Its Own Light Source!
  35. Looking Round
  36. Journey to the edge of the Earth
  37. Israel goes to the moon
  38. Problems with Sungenis' Book
  39. French Dr. R.B. Ph.D responds to Sungenis
  40. Sungenis to Fr. Robinson on Flood & Creation
  41. Sungenis responds to Fr. Robinson & SSPX
  42. Kolbe Center Conference in St. Mary's about the errors of Fr. Robinsons book
  43. Venerable Maria de Agreda on the Shape of the Earth
  44. FEIC18 - Flat Earth International Conference, Denver, Colorado, 2018
  45. C. S. Lewis and Flat-Earth and Beasts
  46. Modern Science Bashes Traditional Catholic Geocentrists & Dr Sungenis' Theories
  47. The Only Reason That Counts (why flat-earthdom syndromers don't trust NASA)
  48. Modern Science Bashes Traditional Catholic Geocentrists & Dr Sungenis (Part 2)
  49. The Moon's Phases in the Real (spheroid) Earth World
  50. The Top 10 Reasons I Don't Trust NASA