Author Topic: Another update on Coordinator List fiasco  (Read 488 times)

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Another update on Coordinator List fiasco
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:41:08 PM »
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  • Several people got this e-mail -- everyone but me, it seems.

    The following email is in regard to questions about the Chapel Coordinator List and its function.

    About a year ago I was in contact with the person who created the list of chapel coordinators.  I told him Fr. Pfeiffer wanted the list public so the Mass would be available to anyone and everyone.  The creator of the list let me know he was not happy about making it public.  However, he did send me a copy of his Chapel Coordinator list.    No where did it state the list was PRIVATE.  A few weeks ago the list was sent out again with the insertion that the information on the list was to be kept private.  Every coordinator contacted for Mass Schedules is told upfront the Mass and Chapel information is published on-line.

    In response to the correspondence happening via emails on the coordinators list.  I am not aware of any email correspondence sent out and I am listed as Chapel Coordinator in Kansas City.  I have never received an email from the chapel coordinator list until recently when Matthew sent me his complaints about pablo making his contact information public and the correspondence between them.

    An updated Chapel Coordinator list will be available ASAP.

    One question -- what does "Mass would be available to anyone and everyone" have to do with making the PERSONAL addresses of the Coordinators public?  Most locations have Mass at a different location from the address where the Coordinator lays his head at night.

    This has *absolutely* nothing to do with "country club Masses", "private Masses" or anything like that.

    I run a Resistance chapel myself. All Masses here, past, present and future, are PUBLIC. I also have posted my address.

    Now in my case, my private address and the Mass location are the same. But this is only true for less than 10% of chapel locations. Usually the Masses take place at a rented location. All you need is a contact (phone number, first name) to get Mass info.
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