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SSPX Resistance News / Re: Is Father Ringrose dumping the R & R crowd?
« Last post by drew on Today at 07:22:26 AM »
Catholic Encyclopedia:

You have eliminated the Magisterium as the PROXIMATE RULE OF FAITH.  Consequently, you leave a vacuum, which is invariably filled with your private judgment.  That's identical to Protestantism.  I'm stunned that you don't understand this.


Although you may not, others will appreciate the irony of this post where you insist that the magisterium is "extrinsic to the faith."  Again you are repeating the same error again, that has been previously corrected, without any reflection upon its implications.  You accuse others of being “Protestant” but this present error you are professing IS a fundamental doctrine of Protestantism.

Faith is believing what God has revealed on the authority of God the revealer.  What is “extrinsic” to the faith, is extrinsic to God’s revelation and God’s authority as revealer.  You claim that the “magisterium is the rule of faith” and that this “magisterium” is extrinsic to and therefore, not a part of God’s revelation and God’s authority.  If it is not from God, then it is from man, and cannot make any claim to infallibility because infallibility is an attribute of God.

Your doctrine, like every Protestant, claims that the Catholic Magisterium is not from God but is a merely human institution and its claims to infallibility in potentia are bogus.

God often lets other fall into the same doctrinal and moral failings they unjustly accuse others of.

General Discussion / Re: hardly anyone should get married
« Last post by Croix de Fer on Today at 06:57:44 AM »
If a man and woman get married, they should NEVER involve the State by getting a marriage license. You sign your rights over to the State when getting a license. Men, especially, sign their rights over to the State and, effectively, their wives, whom are favored upon by the State in times of marital conflict.

A true marriage is between the man, woman and God, anyway. Only God validates a marriage. The only material act that needs to take place is the marriage Sacrament presided by the priest. Damn the Antichrist State.

Also, parents should never have a State birth certificate of their children. Once you do that, you are compromising your rights as parents, and the sovereignty of the child, to the State, especially Marxist, anti-family agencies such as Department of Social Services, et al.

All you need to do is draft your own birth certificate and have witnesses sign it.
This woman would be much better off teaching her daughter that girls should not be competing with the men in masculine fields. They should pursue feminine vocations, instead. It is God's will for most girls to be wives and mothers and their education should reflect just that. Such vocation is completely incompatible with having a "career". Girls should not be wasting their prime years in attending colleges; but finding husbands to have families with; or pursuing occupations in which their feminine skills and strengths can really shine.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Is Father Ringrose dumping the R & R crowd?
« Last post by Stubborn on Today at 06:14:40 AM »
The Universal Ordinary Magisterium is infallible always. That’s de fide, not bogus.
This is not in dispute.

What is in dispute is that your statement, which is truth, is being used to promote the error that the pope / hierarchy are themselves  the Ordinary, the Solemn,  and the Universal Magisterium, that these people are infallible [even] when they aren't, and that whatever the pope alone or in a council teaches, is by that account made a part of the magisterium - and this error is endlessly promoted in spite of both historical (V2 itself) and present (it's aftermath) reality, which reality must necessarily be entirely rejected and denied in order to consistently promote this error - in an erudite manner of course.

In a nutshell, they boil it down to either one has faith in and believes the above promoted error and on that account, rejects all things Catholic and is a devout NOer (as "the magisterium" teaches), or, they consistently prove that they have no faith whatsoever, by that I mean they indisputably prove that they have absolutely zero, zilch, nada faith in their own false idea of what the magisterium is, reject what the magisterium actually is, then profess one or more of the varieties of sedeism.  All this is, is iniquitous. All this false ideology proves is that it serves absolutely no purpose except to make people workers of iniquity as they strive, often at great length, to reject that which actually is de fide.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Contra Ronaldus - Lawfully Resisting the Pope
« Last post by AJNC on Today at 06:07:54 AM »

Agreed.  I also like his comment that he doesn't care if people call him a sedevacantist.  That means he's seeking the truth and not playing politics or grinding an ax.
He was pretty anti-sedevacantist in the past.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Contra Ronaldus - Lawfully Resisting the Pope
« Last post by Catman on Today at 05:41:12 AM »
So I’m supposed to believe Fr. Ringrose is no longer Catholic because he has concluded the “R&R” crowd’s position is unreasonable? Yet the “R&R” crowd is at odds with the Novus Ordo and that is logical? 

BTW, you really didn’t address the issues I raised. 
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: How long do you think we have left?
« Last post by Nadir on Today at 05:27:49 AM »
Personally, I think things have been much worse, than they are now.  For example, Christians used to be fed to lions for the entertainment of Pagans and of course, to teach them a lesson.  Furthermore, St. Paul, iirc, had to chastise The Church in Corinth for having orgies on the altar on Sunday mornings.    
So you think there is less fierce persecution inour days than in the early days. You needto open your eyes and look around the world. 
Can you give reference for the Church in Corinth for having orgies on the altar on Sunday mornings.   
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Is Father Ringrose dumping the R & R crowd?
« Last post by obscurus on Today at 04:19:42 AM »
Ladislaus writes with erudition and solid doctrinal points. Making ad hominem attacks is both childish and pompous.

The Universal Ordinary Magisterium is infallible always. That’s de fide, not bogus.
....when in conformity with Tradition. 
It appears that the article about Leonor Flores was concocted by a politically correct writer who wanted to make it look like women designed the bridge, read here:

"Before the bridge disintegrated, the school and MCM shamelessly flaunted Flores and other female engineers to promote their diversity and inclusion agenda.
Hours after @WeAreMCM deleted a tweet showing a picture of Flores and her family watching the bridge swing into place, the company deleted its entire Twitter account — along with all the other false flag tweets suggesting women engineers played a role in building a bridge that once again divides a community."

This makes more sense to me than a Miami Cuban owned construction company owned and run by women.
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