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Secret Service Scandal
« on: May 12, 2012, 03:14:18 PM »
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  • Apparently, while on a trip to South America some secret service agents hired a prostitute.  The prostitute was angry, because they didn't pay her the entire amount of money she'd been promised.  Moral corruption among government officials is part of this story.  Secret Service agents are supposed to be great men of honor;  not "party animals." However, the media seems to have a different focus.  

    The media's slant on this seems to be summed up in the phrase, "men are pigs and big babies and women are victims."  The media seems focused on the prostitute getting short changed by her male customers.  

    What about the sexual immorality?  Media doesn't care.  

    O.k. fine, the media loves sexual immorality and takes shylock's attitude on contracts, but if the men not paying the entire bill was a problem, then shouldn't the prostitutes indiscretion be a problem as well?  I mean, if the only issue is strictly business?  Apparently, not.  It seems as if this scandal is being used by the media to stir up women against men.  Sort of like the rodney king beating, being used by the media to stir up blacks against whites.  Anyway, that's how it looks to me.  


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