Author Topic: Evangelicals deny Israeli capital move related to their infantile eschatology  (Read 656 times)

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Why do US evangelicals support Tɾυmρ's Jerusalem policy?

The Reverend Johnnie Moore, a 34-year-old evangelical Christian, is closer than most to President Tɾυmρ.
During the ɛƖɛctıon campaign, he was co-chair of Mr Tɾυmρ's evangelical advisory board.

So he seems a good person to ask. When Mr Tɾυmρ recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital, did American evangelicals support him for Biblical reasons, as has been reported?
Because of a belief in the Battle of Armageddon? The End Times? The second coming of Jesus Christ, and a thousand years of peace?
Mr Moore laughs at the suggestion.
"I've never heard it come up once," he says. "Not once."

Does anyone here believe that rubbish? If they seek "historic justice", why are the Palestinians not included in their equation?
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January 363 temple rebuilding attempt
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  • Learn about what happened in January 363 A.D., where miracles prevented the rebuilding of the temple with the support of Julian the Apostate and caused many Jews to confess the God of the Christians and seek baptism. Something like this will probably happen again if they get that close to rebuilding the temple.
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