Author Topic: Best Tucker show: shreds pro-abortionist.. Plus: real fake Christians  (Read 445 times)

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When I say “real/fake Christians” those are my words, but that is pretty much what the guest was talking about... how Christianity is not what it used to be/should be

It was also interesting listening to Steve King of Iowa defend his comments about “other people's babies.” He didn't backpedal the remark (which the alt-Left [who cares? yawn] had pounced on)... stood by his remark, said we need to keep our American principles, our country actually, which means not accepting just anyone into our culture, certainly not those who disbelieve in freedom, etc...

But I wanted to focus on  the Christian issues that came up. I literally could not bear to listen to that pro-abortion witch (guest).. and as Tucker—who seemed to read my thouughts—said,  he has “heard [those disingenuous arguments] 1000 times before.” Tucker was great arguing with  this sorry, lying pervert (which is what  all long-term abortion promoters are). He  insisted she answer his Q: “Is what you are killing a child or tissue?” (may not be exact words). She “couldn't” answer... she went meandering all over the place.. (they always do that), never able to answer the Q.. not surprising at all, considering there is no answer against objective truth (reality).

I like when he pushed the issue of how she “must have thought about this [abortion being murder] before.” I've had the same thought many times: We're supposed 2 believe these people do not realize it is  murder? And murder of the most helpless and innocent?

Right.. and we were born yesterday. Of course she brought up how “women have rights and choice”  Well, no one has the right or choice to murder someone else. Sorry about that.

As a representative of the babies, who obviously cannot speak for themselves—an old saying:

Your right to swing your fist ends at my face

Then there was the guy who said Christians aint what they used to be [Oh, mercy, mercy me (Marvin Gaye)].

He is probably Catholic, though didn't say, wrote a book called “The Benedict Option.”  He is young. but seems beyond his years in spiritual wisdom.. how refreshing.. and what an inspiration to young people of today, who seem .. .uh.. lost, or however u  say it.

Abortionists cannot argue with that...

Your right to swing your fist ends at my face


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