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  1. Gerrymandering - The Citizenship ?
  2. Trump made fools out of Left on July 4th
  3. Minors in Custody
  4. Mike: Unseal Congressional Sexual Harrassment Deals
  5. AOC is an actress, a puppet congresswoman or brand!
  6. Joe, AOC, & Beta = Corruption, Greed, & Fraud
  7. Trump Report Card Mid 2019 In Light of the Kingship of Christ
  8. Pro-LGBT college students demand tampons for men’s bathrooms
  10. Cal and NY issuing Driver's Licenses to illegal migrants
  11. E. Michael Jones-Israel: Apocalypse in Golestan
  12. Abraham Lincoln Jewish?
  13. Cruz: 30% of children aren't related to migrants
  14. Is Putin Right? Has Liberalism Lost The World?
  15. ICE says that Obama built cages for child "refugees"
  16. Democratic Party has broken from reality
  17. Reparations for Slavery - now on the table
  18. Gemma O'Doherty tracks Hilary Clinton
  19. HRC, Weiner, NYPD officers suicided?
  20. Nebraska Senator calls USA Flag a Rag
  21. Joe Robinette Biden
  22. Memo to Trump: Trade Bolton for Tulsi
  23. NXIVM trial connection to recent Hillary murders?
  24. Trump axes up to $60 Million in Planned Parenthood funding
  25. Fake News of Mass Arrests?
  26. Important Aussie News -> Stroppy Me
  27. Is Joe Biden using a double?
  28. Trump Administration Tells US Embassies not to Fly The Gay Pride Flag
  29. Denver council member wins with promise to impose communism
  30. Leftists want nuclear war with Russia
  32. Facebook Shareholders Vote to Oust Mark Zuckerberg as Chairman
  33. French Senate votes to rebuild Notre Dame exactly as it was
  34. Nadler and Democrats feverishly wiping out mention of God
  35. White People and their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History
  36. Great summary of Robert Mueller's recent announcement
  37. Lee Camp: 18 Ways Julian Assange Changed The World
  38. Bill Barr vs. Chris Wray: Full Scale War
  39. Once again, it's the Dems that are racist
  40. Pope Cries as Nationalism Wins in EU
  41. Big Win for Nigel Farages Brexit Party in EU Elections
  42. Interview of the former VP of HSBC
  43. Trump aggressively pushing Pro-Life
  44. Cry, our beloved America Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope
  45. Proof - behold a Democrat lies
  46. Is Obama planning to impeach Trump?
  47. SEC OK's MasterCard's Idea of Cutting Off Customers with Conservative Views
  48. Judicial Watch Weekly Updates for 3/29/19
  49. IQ scores are dropping in first-world nations
  50. President Bolsonaro Consecrates Brazil to Sacred Heart