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  1. G. Edward Griffin
  2. Obama's birth certificate
  3. Christopher Columbus
  4. Venezuela's Chavez says Obama has "stench" of Bush
  5. Obama, McCain -- same thing
  6. Obama will continue status-quo
  7. Drudge's Hunky Dictator Poll
  8. Obama's team planning for total Economic Collapse
  9. Canadian PM suspends parliament!
  10. Right-wingers, Neocons love Obama's cabinet!
  11. Obama has scammed us all
  12. Obama AND McCain created cabinet list -- together!
  13. Racist Obama biased against non-Jewish white males
  14. Obama is an Uncle Tom
  15. US Attorney General collapses during speech
  16. Example of brainwashed Obama supporter
  17. No End In Sight
  18. McCain supporter 14-year old girl gets death threats in Illinois
  19. National Holiday sought for Obama
  20. Blind optimism
  21. Obama's agenda - DELETED from his website!
  22. Obama The Anti-christ?
  23. Obama cult
  24. Obama's draft
  25. Obama's Internet Army
  26. Obama may have shaky relations with Vatican
  27. Obama's 'Hate' Bill
  28. Obama begins promoting abortion
  29. The Change you'll get
  30. Nov 4th: Judgement Day
  31. Vote to stop Obama
  32. Tomorrow's election
  33. Summary of who Obama is
  34. Media bias toward Obama?
  35. Obama wants to kill as many blacks as possible!
  36. Send this to any Obama-supporters
  37. We should start prepping for Obama presidency
  38. Obama is going to win election?
  39. Why I am Voting Republican this Year