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  1. A Final Irony
  2. Blond Angel
  3. Hillary Clinton and a Heckler
  4. "The We Cant Win Wimps Caucus"
  5. US gov shut down
  6. Video - This group thinks Shutdown was Bushs fault
  7. Shutdown Question
  8. House Stenographer Yells About Freemasons. Drug off House Floor During Vote
  9. Government Shutdown signs miraculously ready in 8 hours
  10. Micheal Martin speaking to Bashir al Assad
  11. Turkish Military Murdered Christians
  12. NASA website is down - government shutdown
  13. Secret Service speak about past presidents
  14. Funny pic about the Shutdown
  15. Were Not Monsters
  16. The Beltway Lies of the Obamacare War
  17. Revenge Porn go to Jail
  18. Fox News anti catholic
  19. Worried about Government Shutdown?
  20. Someone Raps Pakistan
  21. The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed..
  22. Whats in a name?
  23. Remembering Michael Collins
  24. Our First Jewish President Lyndon Johnson?
  25. A Surprise from Iran
  26. Politicians in Ireland are to be locked out of parliament
  27. Assad Identification Update
  28. St Catherines is Closed.
  29. Bashir Agrees to a Deal
  30. The Chinese
  31. Whites Should Just Kill Themselves?
  32. One Language
  33. Syria gas attack is a HOAX !!!
  34. Obama unmasked
  35. crypto Kerry (Kohn) says internet makes control more difficult
  36. 10 years for violating "State Security"
  37. Castro
  38. Islamists hit Christian churches
  39. Murder
  40. Do We Really Want a Cold War II?
  41. Putin Tells World Leaders to Stand Against Christian Persecution
  42. U.S. a Lawless State
  43. David Cameron limits access to pornography
  44. Eamon Gilmore and Michael D Higgins are not in Office ?
  45. Obituary of the USA
  46. Gay marriage a sign of the apocalypse: Russian Patriarch
  47. Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish..
  48. Soup Kitchen Rock Roll
  49. Buchanan: Hispanic influx from immigration bill...
  50. Equality: American Idol