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  1. Corona Flu and Shots Quips Thread
  2. Before Covid and Masks, There was Kovid and Masks
  3. Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell Dies From COVID
  4. How did we get so soft?
  5. Tracing Jabbed by Blood Test
  6. +Vigano: Mary, Lepanto, and the Psycho-Pandemic
  7. How much Vitamin B12 for immune resistance against COVID?
  8. FDA approved? more like Satan approved
  9. Pfizer Mandates Experiment on Entire Brazilian Town
  10. Pfizer Jab Glows in the Dark, and...
  11. Aluminum 'thing' found in Pfizer Comirnaty
  12. "Isolation unnecessary"
  13. Kill Shot
  14. 2001 Article on GMOS Causing Sterility
  15. Blood doctor finds black discs in vaxed patients
  17. World Suffering Mass Delusional Psychosis
  18. 30 Pieces of Silver
  19. Are vaccines safe?
  20. Pilots Cancel Thousands of Flights in Mandate Protest
  21. 2017 Video on "Public Health Surveillance"
  22. Plandemic 2.0: Marburg Virus
  23. Hospitals are Covidian Churches
  24. There Was No FDA Approval
  25. Thousands of medical professionals declare COVID policies “Crimes Against Humani
  26. Another COVID death being used to promote vaccines
  27. Canadian doctor's testimony
  28. Shedding from the vaxxed
  29. Vax Remorse and Spiritual Decline
  30. Medicare says Get Your Flu Shot & Covid-19 shot at the same time
  31. 3 Swiss guards resign, 3 suspended ... refusing Bergoglio's jab mandate
  32. Video archive doctors- explain why vaccines are not safe
  33. Pfizer's new daily pill is...Ivermectin
  34. Pope’s Swiss Guards Resign over Jab Mandate
  35. Parasites in Jab = Why Ivermectin Works
  36. 60% of COVID19 Hospitalizations Fully Jabbed
  37. Ivermectin should help against the shedding
  38. Fr. Ripperger on the Immorality of the Vaccinations
  39. Prostate cancer
  40. Why some die within days/weeks of the jab ... and others don't
  41. video of baby reported to have been breastfed by jabbed mother
  42. Dr. Mercola and RFK Jr. Latest to be Cancelled
  43. Freaky New Jab Deaths Report
  44. Tsunami Watch for East Coast
  45. Pfizer Jab INCREASES Chance of Infection 300%
  46. pfιzєr’s COVID-19 Jab Hotline says myocarditis are known side-effect
  47. The Queensland government has consistently behaved “irrationally and inhumanely”
  48. Nearly 50K Medicare Patients Died within 14 Days of the Jab
  49. Getting rid of toxins for those who have taken the jab (not medical advice)
  50. pfιzєrmectin???