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  1. What about medicines
  2. Eat soy, watch your manhood slip away
  3. What about medicines
  4. It is Here
  5. I know their numbers are off
  6. Swine Flu warning from Dr. Gitterle
  7. Guide to nutrition for tireless living!
  8. Second strain of flu may complicate picture-study 06 May 2009 15:02:09 GMT
  9. Dr. Mercola's thoughts on Swine Flu
  10. Gov. of Hawaii predicts level 6
  13. WHO Raises Pandemic alert to 5 -- the second highest level!
  14. 'Swine flu' name dropped!
  15. Report from Texas
  16. Oh really? HEADLINE - 'Pig flu stops God in tracks'
  17. Exploding Swine
  18. Mexico outbreak traced to Manure Lagoons
  19. 1st swine flu case hits Disney
  20. Vial of Swine Flu explodes on passenger train!
  21. WHY NONE, outside Mexico, had died from flu????
  22. Time to Prepare!
  23. Virus has gene sequences never seen before
  24. Truckers transporting mysterious cargo under strange circumstances
  25. Swine Flu FAQ
  26. Dozens of biologists dying violent deaths like mobsters?
  27. Flu Pandemic exercise cancelled - by ACTUAL flu pandemic!
  28. Flashback 1976 - President Ford ordered Swine Flu vaccines for all
  29. Homeland Security declares Public Health Emergency
  30. Swine Flu in Texas - Update
  31. Wal-mart already sold out of Hand Sanitizer
  32. Reports from the front lines - Mexico
  33. New Forum - Global Flu Pandemic
  34. WHO calls emergency meeting on Swine Flu
  35. Remember this strange occurrence?
  36. Flu Pandemic starting already?
  37. ALERT: Possible Epidemic Underway