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Something to Consider
« on: August 10, 2012, 07:41:30 AM »
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  • This was a response to a thoughtful PM I got, I am reposting my words here, not printing the senders nor the senders name, as we have had a private 1-1 and would like to keep the exchange private. Perhaps, some day, I might write an article and expand and fill in on this a little more complete.

    thank you for your email, most kind. There is a hazard in "Traddieland" if you that most do not want to talk about and often, are in middle of.

    -desire for sanity and truth
    -get locked in fights w/fellow laity and clergy
    -have mountains, esp now with internet, of info-often times going in many ways and
    -get angrier and angrier, trying to sort through the mess and
    -wind up be in constant fight/flight and siee mode.


    We then cannot see to talk and get to know one another (hence my attmpt at the Lighter side thread). Communication fails and we are then tearing each other down and apart, when perhaps, getting to know each other a bit would have saved a lot of speculation and time.

    Trads are infamous for lacking joy, humor, and seeing the good amongst the ruins......hence, they come off as a Catholic version of old-time fire/brimstone, more in line with Fundies or Calvinists.....

    The devil is happy, we are miserable and health suffers...when I left here, it was hard to shake the addiction to forums,etc.....but mentally, I got happier and had more time for joys of life, including prayer and reflection.........

    these forums and internet, etc can be quickly turned into airlesss, narrow prison cells, not healthy to anyone...

    perhaps, one could say we are in the fight so long ,we get a form of PTSD.......the NeoCaths/NO types live in a utopic bubble, bad yes, but we often can be just as bad and this translates into how we interact with each other and the rest of the world......One has but to look at Chesterton and Shaw, bitter rivals at times, but both were friendly with each other and had positive things to say to each other and about each never got to the vindictive and brutal level we so often see and hear now....even in person, we are becoming islands and dictators of same.....well, enough for me now, maybe an article some time on it........
    Proud "European American" and prouder, still, Catholic


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