Author Topic: A New Rosary Crusade for the Church!  (Read 554 times)

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A New Rosary Crusade for the Church!
« on: April 20, 2011, 05:39:34 PM »
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  • just sent an update with the great news of a new rosary crusade, as well as an interesting page on the priesthood in relation to Holy Thursday.

    Rosaries Crusade for the Church and the Consecration of Russia (
    Our Lady of Fatima has asked for "Prayer and Penance"! Join the crusade to help Holy Mother Church! Includes: Bishop Fellay's letter announcing new 12-million Rosaries Crusade | Rosaries Crusade booklet in PDF | April tally sheet | Tally sheet for those who do not attend an SSPX chapel 4-19-2011

    Superior General's Letter #78 (
    About the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II and an announcement for launching a new 12-Million Rosary Crusade... 4-15-2011

    Pastor's Corner: An Epilogue for the Sacred Triduum (
    An inspiring extract from the Passion Play recently performed at St. Mary's, KS... 4-20-2011

    Holy Thursday: the Institution of the Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ (
    As first day of the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week, Holy Thursday commemorates the institution of the holy priesthood and the Blessed Sacrament by Our Lord Jesus Christ during His Last Supper with His Apostles.... 4-20-2011

    Pastor's Corner: Beatification and continuity (
    On the eve of the beatification of John Paul II, there is no lack of reservations and critiques... This beatification raises the question about a pontificate that publicly took the Second Vatican Council as its compass... 4-15-2011

    Articles about the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II (
    Brief review of Prof. Heinz-Lothar Barth's book | Extract from editorial published in The Remnant ... 4-16-2011

    Join the SSPX’s French District in opposing anti-Christian exhibit (
    Many traditional Catholic Americans will remember the blasphemous “Piss Christ” displayed in art exhibits in the USA in 1989. This disgusting anti-Christian exhibit recently resurfaced in France; the SSPX’s French District has organized a protest. Join the reaction against this blasphemy by prayer and signing the petition... 4-14-2011

    Art Displays Attack Catholic Faith (
    We recently posted a petition against an anti-Christian exhibit in Avignon, France, called “Piss Christ”, a display that was protested against by traditional Catholics in the United States in 1989... 4-19-2011


    Superior General's Visit (
    The SSPX’s Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, visited the United States of America District Headquarters at the beginning of this week... 4-13-2011

    Southern Sentinel March 2011 newsletter from Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, Australia (
    The SSPX has 5 international seminaries, two in English-speaking countries. The one here in Winona, MN is well known to Americans, but lesser known is Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, Australia... 4-13-2011

    Passion Play in St. Mary's (
    Passion plays have existed in some form or another throughout history as a means of bringing to life the last hours of Our Lord's life... 4-13-2011

    Pastor's Corner: Come! See what it is to love! (
    As our minds focus on the mysteries of Holy Week, the SSPX’s chapels are gearing up to commemorate the great Passion 4-11-2011

    One of the most visited sections on our site, there was a brief lapse of quotes for the first part of April, but we've just resumed this unique web service for Catholic Tradition. 4-8-2011

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    A New Rosary Crusade for the Church!
    « Reply #1 on: April 20, 2011, 08:23:25 PM »
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  • Interesting, though the Rosary Crusade isn't likely to change Benedict's mind on JPII...


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