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  1. Man angry at God; drives into Catholic church
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  4. U.S. Official: We need to learn from Fall of Rome
  5. Google Tracking
  6. Facebook run by CIA spooks!
  7. Funny video -- Taco Town!
  8. Geocentrism
  9. What are...
  10. Oh boy....
  11. Electric fields kill tumors
  12. Big earthquake hits Indonesia
  13. Yeah, right.
  14. Happy Birthday, Jennifer!
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  16. Kids prefer McDonalds carrots to regular carrots?
  17. Marilyn Manson steals to buy human remains
  18. Religious Affiliation of Comic book characters
  19. Lawyer joke
  20. Here's a good quote
  21. Death masks of
  22. It's Caritas' Birthday today!
  23. What will life be like?
  24. 2 Evolutionist quotes
  25. Observations on Flooding in England
  26. Wi-Fi is NOT perfectly safe
  27. Liberalism and Deceit
  28. "False Christ" in divorce court
  29. Europe being destroyed by fire & water
  30. Russia holds "procreation" camps for the young
  31. Man faces jail time for killing sea lion
  32. Pope Gaiasim and De Chardin
  33. Next time you shop for bread
  34. Woman tries to avoid "Made in China"
  35. Russian Church disputes Patriarch of Constantinople's Learship Claims
  36. Ukrainian security service report more Satanists and other cults
  37. Fires add to heat wave woes in Europe
  38. College Dictionary
  39. Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?
  40. US Code on Respect for Flag
  41. What pig/human hybrid may look like?
  42. Quantum mechanics
  43. Natural gas factory explodes in Dallas, TX
  44. MUST-WATCH video!
  45. 9 die as Europe heat wave scorches
  46. Floods leave 350,000 without water
  47. Food recall is urgent health threat
  48. Heavy rains flood Texas
  49. Cathinfo Upgraded!
  50. More strange weather for Texas