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  1. Cannibalism - is it okay?
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  9. Haiti, Failed State: Gangs Armed With Machetes Loot Port-Au-Prince
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  18. Apostolic See
  19. Oxymorons
  20. Telling the world your bra color -- for breast cancer awareness
  21. Hutton Gibson is a crank and this thread proves it
  22. Ostentatious fasting.
  23. Catholics DO Worship Our Lady
  24. How easy it is to blow something up
  25. Use credit/debit cards? Beware!
  26. The Resurrection of the Dead
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  28. Record-breaking cold weather
  29. Race Riots in Italy
  30. Don't let your sons grow up to be...Pilots
  31. Near death experience - does it check out?
  32. Holy Father says Our hope is in God, not predictions or economic forecasts
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  34. Abortion "Super Center" to Open in Houston
  35. Speaking to my mother about davinci code
  36. The joke's on us
  37. Why I have long stopped posting @ CA
  38. Elephants avenge Christian martyrs in India
  39. Old System Where Catholic Orders Used Poor Kids for Slave Labor Described i
  40. Mark Shea and Summorum Pontificum
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  42. The sin of theft -- A Moral Quandary
  43. Texas population growth
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  45. Ancient Spanish Proverb
  46. Has any one read this book?
  47. Happy New Year!!!
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  49. Pet Hotel
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