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  1. Scientists Reportedly Discover Gate To Hell - April 2013
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  12. "We rejoice to have a Pope that the world needs and Asia needs"
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  20. TAN has books HALF OFF Thursday only
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  23. Conspicuous humility
  24. Why dont (most) Catholics think like this?!
  25. Church: Pastor Rick Warrens son commits suicide..
  26. A story???????What do you think
  27. Happy April Fools!
  28. Muslim leaders mute about gay marriage?
  29. Some Mestizos believe that the Southwestern US belongs to Mexico
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  32. Why Jews Push Gay Marriage
  33. latin vulgate in eastern rite churches?
  34. Defense Department classifies Catholics as "extremists"
  35. Reputation System
  36. Did anyone else find the "serenity of being a sedevacantist" article
  37. Two Dogs Dining -- youtube video
  38. Irish Dominicans
  39. I want to send Bishop Williamson a letter.
  40. "THE ANATOMY OF PREJUDICE" by Fr. Paul Stenhouse, M.S.C.
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  42. Voodoo In Haiti
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  46. Hyp-Mo-Tized!
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  48. Our Lady The Holy Face
  49. white student group formed, are racist
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