View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  1. PizzagateWorldwide Satanic Pedophile Rings Being Exposed.
  2. Joe Lieberman's predictive programming of pandemic
  3. John Wilson Discusses Immigration, Organised Crime and Extremism
  4. 50 Plus Reasons The Earth Is Not Flat
  5. Masons infilltrating the Church
  6. 5 things an elite banking Dutch Whistleblower tells us #NWO
  7. Green Religion - Environmentalism is indeed a religion
  8. Catholic US vs Jewish US?
  9. How Reality is being Manufactured
  10. The Church Fathers and the flat earth
  11. The Time Is Nigh For The Bankers - Les Visible
  12. Trouble in the camp of the enemy
  13. Scientific Proof Earth is Not a Globe
  14. Kabbalah
  15. The 25 Rules of Disinformation
  16. Bishop Williamson interview on an Irish radio station.
  17. MSM freaking out over Sean Spicer "Holocaust" comments
  18. The Carnal Jew
  19. Rabbi says defeat of Christian Europe by Muslims is great
  20. How to deal with social justice warriors
  21. Moon landings were a hoax!
  22. U.S. Gov Tested Biological Warfare on America
  23. This Is Our Homeland
  24. Why Sungenis's Geocentrism model is wrong
  25. UN LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: "The Younger the Better"
  26. The company microchipping its employees
  27. Google wanted Hillary, they are SO liberal, now this!
  28. Wikileaks Bomb. President Bush Stopped Pedophile Investigations.
  29. Shaq says EARTH IS FLAT!
  30. Doodle4Google Winner
  31. Globe Earthers How Many Miles, With an Unobstructed View,
  32. DEA's Top Fugitives, Almost all were born outside the US
  33. There are so few Christians b/c Christians don't like ea other
  34. The torments of unbaptized infants.
  35. London Terrorist Attack Hoax - Mannequin Under The Bus
  36. Why the Moon Landings were a hoax
  37. Interested in Combating (Complete Exposition of the Catholic Church part 2)
  38. Fr Marcel Guarnizo -- a priest for our time
  39. Its the Shamrock
  40. A Day Without Women
  41. Bulgarian Vigilantes Patrol Turkey Border to Keep Migrants Out
  42. Press Release from The Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform
  43. Manuscripts
  44. DNA Proof - The First Americans Were White Europeans
  45. Globalists predict biological attack which they will actually cause
  46. RED ALERT: "And Then They Came For Me"
  47. Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30 of Murders
  48. Is Milo Yiannopoulos authentic or a concocted media character?
  49. Hannity: The press has declared war on the American people
  50. Axis of Evil
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