View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  1. Chertoff predicts Dirty Bomb attack on West Coast
  2. US preparing for domestic clampdown?
  3. Super-rich to survive in luxury submarines
  4. Do not overlook this important document released by Pope Benedict
  5. Here we go again.
  6. Army to recruit illegals
  7. Man pays $10,000 child support for child that isn't his!
  8. The Forthcoming Christian Persecution
  9. The World is like the Matrix
  10. Judaism As Humanism
  11. Ron Paul Wins Big in First New Hampshire Straw Poll
  12. Republican vs. Democrat
  13. Independence Day
  14. Simulating the whole WORLD to see how we'll react
  15. Roundup/weedkiller causes cancer
  16. Sippy cups as WMDs
  17. Evil Planned Parenthood comic
  18. Another evil movie is released
  19. PROOF we are ALL being spied on
  20. If you're different from average American "zombie", you're a terrorist!
  21. Angelina Jolie is whore for New World Order
  22. Is this the shot heard round the world?
  23. Bilderburg 2007 -- report from one who attended!
  24. Cindy Sheehan wakes up
  25. Our Technotronic Society
  26. AIDS is man-made Pentagon genocide
  27. Got HAS? You need OxyClinton !
  28. Old white people have a "duty to die"?
  29. Whistle blower needs help
  30. Proof Positive: You can't be in US Army AND think
  31. Mossad agent releases phony "Al-Qaeda" tape
  32. Britain ready to declare state of emergency?
  33. Bill Maher is anti-Catholic bigot
  34. US Gov't to make Wind power illegal?
  35. FACT: Volkswagen developed a 309 MPG car
  36. Rothschild was a KGB spy
  37. President Sarkozy Discusses Sheva Mitzvos
  38. HPV vaccination has deadly side effects!
  39. Photograph some french fries, be arrested as Terrorist?
  40. How Can We Expect Matthew 24 to Be Realized?
  41. Robocop-like private employees to issue fines for dog pooping
  42. Airport X-rays cause health problems
  43. 1984 in Britain update
  44. Common logos evidence of Freemasons/Illuminati conspiracy
  45. 18 minute video: 911 Justice
  46. Mark of the Beast here we come
  47. DEA is a drug cartel!
  48. Not-so-cool facts about Israel
  49. Propaganda to destroy the Middle Class