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  1. Good Article from the Remnant on the Canonizations:
  2. Kasper Declares War Against Being
  3. This makes sedevacantism look good to me!
  4. The Heavyweights Battle over SedevacantismCanonizations:
  5. Bp. Donald Sanborn vs. Dr. Robert Fastiggi
  6. Cum Ex, sedeprivationism and sedevacantism
  7. Paul VI to be Beatified in Late October 2014
  8. Secretary General of Synod on the Family: The Church is not Timeless
  9. Cardinal Kasper in NYC: The Ghost of Vatican II goes on a rampage
  10. Cardinal Siri and the 1978 Papal Conclave
  11. Star Wars First Communion
  12. A 21-Year old Man has Died After Being Crushed by a Crucifix Erected in
  13. The Archbishop Speaks
  14. Profiteers
  16. Bergoglio waving a rainbow flag!
  17. List of Suppressed Saints
  18. Heresy In History
  19. La Salette and Knock
  20. La Salette
  21. Are Married Priests Next?
  22. Who is
  23. Does the world really like JP2?
  24. Beatification and Canonization Since Vatican II: 3-Part Study
  25. BOTH Sedevacantism AND Sedeplenism are WRONG !!!
  26. Vatican Admits Canonizations are Bogus:
  27. The Impossible Crisis
  28. Communist Leader, Dr. Bella Dodd, Confesses to Infiltrating the Church US
  29. Sermon 5 Popes present Sunday April 27, 2014 by Fr Chazal
  30. Article on Fr. John Rizzo and the SSPX
  31. Communicatio in Sacris
  32. A Good Reason to take the Sedevacantist Position
  33. OMalley attends Greek Orthodox Easter Vigil.
  34. How were doubtful ordinationsconsecrations dealt with in the Arian crisis?
  35. Moral Certainty When Confecting the Sacraments
  36. Did John XXIII really suppress the cult of the Bl. Andrea da Rinn?
  37. Must I Believe It?
  38. John Paul II -- disturbing facial expression
  39. Fake Pope Francis removes Saints!
  40. Neo-Canonizations Invalid for Defective Intention
  41. Double canonization is a historic victory for the Jewish people
  42. A viewpoint on the canonization of JPII
  43. Traditional churches on the cheap:
  44. "Saint" John Paul II Exposed
  45. Lightning Strikes Saint Paul Cathedral During Canonizations
  46. Canonizations Dont Mean Nothing Anything Man
  47. "Canonization of John XXIII and JPII discussed at True Restoration Radio
  48. Canonization of Saints Infallible
  49. A Square is not a Square
  50. Pope Paul VI: Next Contestant on the Santo Subito Show