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  1. Even some NO caths are picking up on His Humbleness
  2. St. Thomas indirectly on SVism
  3. Cardinal Burke defends Church teaching
  4. Card. Burke Interview with Assoc. of Hebrew Catholics
  5. Jews observe High Holy Days in Catholic Church
  6. The Vigilance of Christ - Sedevacantism not needed
  7. The Canons of Marriage.
  8. Sins of the Tongue (Backbiting)
  9. Kasper: A heretic since at least 1967
  10. Homosexual sodomite.
  11. In Final Speech, Francis warns of Temptations
  12. Is Vatican II the revolt that St Paul talks about in 2Thessalonians?
  13. Very important news: the synod is in the Bible: share this news
  14. Shocking: Pope Francis opening gates of Hell on Earth by approving gays
  15. Priest facing east.
  16. Women Should be Valued
  17. Shocking: Pope Francis Gayspel rejected by Bishops, commotion in the C
  18. Vatican Amends Controversial New Position
  19. My two cents on homosexuality...
  20. What qualities and gifts can pedophiles bring to the Catholic Church?
  21. Whats the best AristotelianThomist book that both explains Kant refutes
  22. Are Bad-Will Catholics Predestined to go to Hell?
  23. Shocking: Pope Francis says: God doesnt exist: shocking video
  24. Voris asks Card. Napier tough questions
  25. Catholic breakthrough: Vatican considers welcoming gifts and qualities o
  26. Kasper for Kontraception
  27. Bergoglio is a complete and total pervert
  28. The Law is Useless
  29. Full Text of the "Relatio"
  30. A nod to sin at the Synod
  31. New Hard-Hitting Chiesa Viva
  32. Raymond Arroyos Card. Burke interview
  33. Sin-od is Vatican 2.1
  34. Frank: God does not exist!
  35. Franciss opening homily for the Synod
  36. The ridiculousness of Jesus having brothers
  37. 18th Century vision of the Crisis in the Church
  38. 50 Years ago Cardinal Cushing helped forever change Catholic
  40. Church Shopping?
  41. Does the Novus Ordo forbid to baptize the children of concubines
  42. Bishop Synod Will End with the Beatification of Paul VI!
  43. Wheres the thread about Francis being non-canonically elected?
  44. Religious Indifferentism Coat of Arms
  45. "Pope" ditches Latin as official language of Sin-od
  46. How a H.See Journal Created a Historical Deception on Trent to Favor Kasper
  47. Divorced and remarried Catholics receiving the Eucharist?
  48. Dimonds leaning towards staying home on Sundays
  49. Antichrist is an anti-pope.
  50. Fellay: doctrinal questions must be clarified