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  2. Trads need to be more like the Left
  3. Besetting Sin
  4. Happy Feast of St Peter Damien (new website)
  5. The Eastern Catholic Churches
  6. Oppression
  7. Trump is the ONLY answer for Trad Catholics
  8. Is a bishop “installed”?
  9. When did Judging Others become the greatest sin?
  10. Ethical to own a Restaurant?
  11. What is the general thought of Millenial and Gen Z conspiracies and trends?
  12. Paradigm Shift - Chaperoning Daughters
  13. Francis against Trump
  14. cigerretes vs cigars
  15. SUPERBOWL BOYCOTT-What say you. . .
  16. Ethics of IP Masking, VPN's to Circumvent Paywalls
  17. New website about modesty
  18. Toyota's #1 Principle
  19. Changing the Our Father- what we need to know
  20. Valentine's Day spending to soar 32% to a record $27.4 billion this year
  21. The Age of Decency
  22. Help Me to Prepare for Marriage
  23. Communion in the hand BANNED
  24. A New Martyr
  25. Is it right to lay hands on daughter when they do wrong
  26. Chaperoning Daughters II
  27. Prayers for Michael Matt's son
  28. Some interesting words of Cardinal Pie
  29. The Military's Terrible Secret
  30. Is it Proper for Ladies to Drink Liquor?
  31. Blood Libel
  32. morals and stocks
  33. More PC nonsense
  34. Amazon is: Whatever you want it to be!
  35. Tabernacle Rescued
  36. Catholic Weekly News for 1/17/20. Weekly Roundup
  37. Live Streamed Adoration and Masses?
  38. vigano
  39. Parents arrested for leaving the hospital with their own baby?
  40. Sound spiritual direction
  41. Navy Begins Construction on a Ship Named after a Pederast
  42. A Couple of Questions from a Newbie
  43. Jingoism - is it good? Precise Catholic definition?
  44. US Youth Population in "Absolute Decline"
  45. Roundup, GMO's, Vaccinations, Cigarettes..... It's a Profit Deal!
  46. Predictions for the 2020s....
  47. The Simple Elites of the People
  48. Advice for a recent convert
  49. Question about the SSPX schools in New York
  50. Unsure of Where to Go