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  1. Corporal Works of Mercy in the SSPX GB district
  2. Women wearing pants
  3. Are these occasions of sin? I need some honest answers.
  4. Big weddings
  5. 1 Corinthians 6 1-8
  7. 10 hottest jobs -- proof America is done for
  8. Inglorius Basterds -- David Duke revisited
  9. Divine Mercy Devotion?
  10. Why do so Many Protestants Refer to The Catholic Church as
  11. Traditional Catholic Radio
  12. What a great day I had yesterday
  13. Is Not Sending a "Wedding" Gift, Okay?
  14. unkind remarks on large families
  15. Giving or going to a baby shower for an unwed mother
  16. modest dress for women
  17. Gettin attacked for havin kids....
  18. advantages of children in old age
  19. Regarding Modern Music
  20. Rural America disappearing
  21. Dont Waste Your Cancer
  22. Taxes, to pay or not to pay
  23. German Catholic Nazis
  24. Raoul... Thoughts on Archbishop Jos H. Gomez?
  25. debt related stress
  26. Are you raising a brat?
  27. Publishing a book
  28. Climbing out of Wedding Debt
  29. Raising Catholic Children, Part 2
  30. Sensitive and Graphic in Nature Circumcision???
  31. Raising Catholic Children
  32. Shortage of single Trad women?
  33. Shakespeare
  34. Homosexuality: I really dont believe anyone is born that way
  35. Children
  36. What made you chose marriage?
  37. July 12 - St. John Gualbert
  38. Are "Neutral Actions" even possible?
  39. Keha and Wively Submission
  40. Explicity Pornographic Dreams
  41. Dont Borrow!
  42. Are non-Catholics really happy?
  43. Dangers of Multi-Culturalism
  44. Everyones thoughts on 401K
  45. The suicide of our peoples
  46. Responsibility of Parents
  47. was it a punishment?
  48. Atheist Debate- Help
  49. study rural life better than city life
  50. something to think over