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Author Topic: On Bishop Williamsons exclusion  (Read 561 times)

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On Bishop Williamsons exclusion
« on: August 04, 2012, 06:27:28 AM »
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  • On another forum it was posted that Bishop Williamson appealed against his exclusion from the 2012 ordinations at Econe and the General Chapter, and his appeal was turned down. This latter decision was then "ratified" by the General Chapter by 29 votes to 9.

    This all sounds pretty silly. What if the General Chapter voted to uphold Bp W's appeal? Would Bp Fellay agree to this decision? Would the General Chapter then be suspended until the Bishop arrived from London to take his place there? Would an apology be issued to him?

    But Bp Fellay's puppets at the GC were all synchronized, were they not?


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