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  20. Former seminarian
  21. what happened?
  22. SSPX Florida – This is the Time to be Building Monuments?
  23. Examples of wicked husbands in scripture?
  24. For Our Organs?
  25. Doubt on ordination of a deacon
  26. Spend More Time With Jesus!
  27. Employer wants to disadvantage me and cut pay because I'm not jabbed
  28. Found out priest was ordained in New Rite
  29. Late-night ER visit: forced to wait outside in cold night air with COPD
  30. Jim Caviezel on fighting evil (and his new movie)
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  33. Finding it impossible to forgive
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  40. Losing Faith
  41. Invalid Baptism
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  44. I Got My Ivermectin
  45. So what does the jab do?
  46. Prayers for Mr. Pfeiffer, father of Frs. Timothy and Joseph Pfeiffer
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  48. Did You Take The Vaxx?
  49. Our lady's scapular
  50. Gerry Matatics is right.