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  1. Are Women Priestesses the future?
  2. do you recognize Israel as legitimate?
  3. Why religious liberty is necessary.
  4. are Jews white?
  5. Catholic Sisters fight Queers
  6. Jews are one of the country's wealthiest ethnic groups. Is this a problem?
  7. what do you have a short fuse about?
  8. Why all the negative anti-women and anti-jew posts lately?
  9. Will resistance bishops help Capuchins?
  10. Overwhelmed, About to be homeless, Alone
  11. what is the earliest age girls should veil at Mass?
  12. Woman- Destroyers of Mans Civilization
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  14. When did Satan's Battle on the Catholic Church officially begin?
  15. The Jesuits and world politics
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  17. Feminism Is Evil
  18. Prison population, by race
  19. Gay marriage
  20. Having Lots Of Kids If You Can
  21. Should I charge rent to my adult son?
  22. My granddaughter, age 7, may be considering transitioning to a boy
  23. Living with a parent forcing me to sin or encouraging it?
  24. What do you know about a bishop taylor?
  25. do we need stricter gun control if not Australia-style gun confiscation?
  26. Pope Pius X
  27. Obama and Russia
  28. For SSPX Priests - SSPX $ Charity
  29. Former St. Mary's SSPX Family Asks for Your $ to Leave Daily Duty
  30. Come to our Catholic Chapel
  31. social security.. and a book we all must read
  32. Flat Earth 2.0: Finland Does Not Exist!
  33. What was "The Matrix" Really About?
  34. Consecration of Aokigahara forest?
  35. Literally.. Hell is other people
  36. We are to join w others in their sufferings
  37. do we force raped 9 and 10 year olds to give birth?
  39. What criticisms do you have for prominent "conservatives"
  40. Husband needs an anti-fungal remedy for his toes
  41. Men's Shoes, Especially Running Shoes
  42. Dreams of weeping
  43. i am unable to pray
  44. Inter-Racial
  45. American Christians Discrimated
  46. Catholics have been robbed
  47. History of Facebook.
  48. The Reluctant Saint
  49. What Exactly is the Magisterium?
  50. Help my scruples please