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The most important and challenging job in world history for a woman is being a mother, homemaker & wife. When done for the glory of Jesus Christ, these women are real warriors.

Cantarella, you run a strong race. Keep running the race, for the real Prize awaits you.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that the 1616 decree has never been officially reversed.  
Cassini identified "the 1616 decree" as the one from the Index.
The index is, by its nature, reversible.
And there is this 1820 statement stating that "no obstacles exist".
The Assessor of the Holy Office has referred the request of Giuseppe Settele, Professor of Optics and Astronomy at La Sapienza University, regarding permission to publish his work Elements of Astronomy in which he espouses the common opinion of the astronomers of our time regarding the earth’s daily and yearly motions, to His Holiness through Divine Providence, Pope Pius VII. Previously, His Holiness had referred this request to the Supreme Sacred Congregation and concurrently to the consideration of the Most Eminent and Most Reverend General Cardinal Inquisitor. His Holiness has decreed that no obstacles exist for those who sustain Copernicus’ affirmation regarding the earth’s movement in the manner in which it is affirmed today, even by Catholic authors. He has, moreover, suggested the insertion of several notations into this work, aimed at demonstrating that the above mentioned affirmation [of Copernicus], as it is has come to be understood, does not present any difficulties; difficulties that existed in times past, prior to the subsequent astronomical observations that have now occurred. [Pope Pius VII] has also recommended that the implementation [of these decisions] be given to the Cardinal Secretary of the Supreme Sacred Congregation and Master of the Sacred Apostolic Palace. He is now appointed the task of bringing to an end any concerns and criticisms regarding the printing of this book, and, at the same time, ensuring that in the future, regarding the publication of such works, permission is sought from the Cardinal Vicar whose signature will not be given without the authorization of the Superior of his Order.

This thread should really be in the geocentrism subforum, no? Fr. Robinson's book has next to nothing to do with the topic.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Modern Science and the SSPX
« Last post by cassini on Today at 03:49:54 PM »
Thank you!

I agree. God created all 'in their whole substance' in the beginning. How many creatures are 100% carnivores? Many, like certain whales, birds of prey, spiders, etc., are designed internally to consume only living creatures. The alternative is to have them evolve from vegitarians to carnivores after Original Sin. We don't need that theology, do we?

On the other hand, the law of thermodynamics is probably a result of Original Sin.

Saint Paul tells us ‘all creation groans and travails in pain until now.’ (Rom. 8:22)

Thus the sun and stars burn out and man made buildings decay over time.
All this shows great loyalty to their organization, but they must realize they are Catholics first and SSPX members second. First loyalty to Jesus Christ and His Church, then to superiors.
Yes, their priorities are screwed up.  Cult-ish thinking.  I've been in plenty of people's houses where a very large, framed picture of +Lefevbre was hung as the center of attention.  Always thought that was very weird.
The Catholic Bunker / Re: Army's Next-Gen Camouflage system
« Last post by BTNYC on Today at 02:48:26 PM »
Here's hoping this equipment won't be used in furtherance of the Greater Israel project, or Globalist tampering in the affairs of other sovereign nations.

Seeing how America's military has been utilized for naught else for the past century, I won't be holding my breath.
Do you really think they believe this is a problem?

No, I don't think they're above hypocrisy. However, it would be a huge gift to the Resistance to do something so blatant. They already gave us a huge gift (talking point, argument FOR the Resistance) by condemning the recent consecrations in the first place. If they then proceed to consecrate a bishop themselves without papal approval, the contradiction will be obvious to anyone the least bit objective. Except for the staunchest SSPX fanboys, everyone will see that the SSPX is simply self-serving and judging everything by "how good is it for me" rather than judging objective good/evil.
I don't think it's obvious.  If so, why doesn't he just leave and go with +W?  Is there some secret conflict with +Tissier and +W which would explain him not joining forces?  Or, if +Tissier is as against the Rome deal as you say, is he just a wimpy Frenchman who can't make a decision?
It was my understanding that Bishop Tissier does not want a deal, but would rather stay and go down with the SSPX ship all together than live without it, or have old critics say "see, we told you the SSPX was never a work from God. We told you that the Archbishop was wrong from the start, that is why his work has fallen apart" A heard an SSPX (who has issues with the new direction the SSPX is taken as is dissatisfied with the way things are being run in the US district) say something along the lines that "to leave the SSPX would be a betrayal of the Archbishop", and that is why he stays despite the temptation to leave. All this shows great loyalty to their organization, but they must realize they are Catholics first and SSPX members second. First loyalty to Jesus Christ and His Church, then to superiors. 
The Catholic Bunker / Re: Army's Next-Gen Camouflage system
« Last post by Kimchi Ninja on Today at 01:29:03 PM »
The Catholic Bunker / Army's Next-Gen Camouflage system
« Last post by Maria Regina on Today at 01:10:38 PM »
Best of all, this new gear is proudly made in the USA. Keeping America Great!

Army selects next-gen camouflage system

The Army has finally selected a company to provide it with the next generation of ultra light-weight, general-purpose camouflage.  ...

Fibrotex will also deliver the ULCANS material in reversible designs — allowing for the first time a different pattern and capability on each ­­side, enabling soldiers, vehicles and systems to disappear into light or dark woodland, snow or alpine and desert or urban environments in any operational theater.

“We have more than 50 years of experience, with thousands of hours in the field and a deep understanding of conventional and asymmetric warfare," Malleron said. "The U.S. Army tested our best camouflage solutions, and the camouflage repeatedly demonstrated the ability to defeat all sensors known to be operating in the battlefield and throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.”

ULCANS will also be manufactured stateside, in a new state-of-the-art facility in McCreary County, Kentucky, creating hundreds of new skilled American jobs over the next decade, according to Fibrotex.

“I firmly believe we have the best workforce in the country, and that their hard work and dedication has earned these new jobs, helping deliver a vital new military contract from McCreary County," Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., said in a press statement.

"I take great pride in knowing that our people are crafting these products to keep our warfighters and allies safe, giving them an edge on the battlefield.”

The new facility is being established next to Outdoor Venture Corporation, which is a strategic partner to Fibrotex USA and already designs modular personnel tents and command post tents for the Army.


See the link above to read this article in its entirety as I had difficulty copying this.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Have Women Become Too Independent For Marriage?
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 01:04:23 PM »

Very few will appreciate my sarcasm, but that bottom picture is actually quite appealing as she is sleeping.... I don’t even remember what sleep is.
Also, I’ve tried cuddling a few times like that with my family. It never goes that smoothly, and I mean it never ever does .... 
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