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  17. Why are we guilty of omission, but not God?
  18. Does masturbation remove virginity?
  19. Slyke, “Abstinence from Conjugal Relations Before Reception of Body of ☧” (2016)
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  23. WHY I QUIT MHFM BY J. Austin
  24. SGG
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  29. pray against abortion
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  33. Computer Help needed.
  34. Another reason for concern
  35. Sri Lankan “Martyrs?”
  36. Study on the Bugnini-Pius XII Holy Week Changes (1951-1956)
  37. Moral Question Regarding Abortifacients
  38. Tell us about your good deeds!
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  40. Pre-Bugnini Good Friday
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  44. Choosing Godparents
  45. Demonic influence?
  46. Rome and the Validity of Thuc Bishops
  47. Newsletters of the Sisters of Our Lady CoRedemptrix
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