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  1. Come to our Catholic Chapel
  2. Flat Earth 2.0: Finland Does Not Exist!
  3. What was "The Matrix" Really About?
  4. Consecration of Aokigahara forest?
  5. do we force raped 9 and 10 year olds to give birth?
  7. Men's Shoes, Especially Running Shoes
  8. Dreams of weeping
  9. Inter-Racial
  10. American Christians Discrimated
  11. Catholics have been robbed
  12. History of Facebook.
  13. The Reluctant Saint
  14. Help my scruples please
  15. Is Alchemy a sin or classified as occult?
  16. How to deal with unmarried parents?
  17. Immaculate Conception "Fitting" but not "Necessary?"
  19. Flat Earth Dumb Asses
  20. Magic or Sorcery?
  21. Where is their soul?
  22. Spokane Question
  23. Question from the social inept
  24. Disrespect for Holy Priest
  25. Proper Punishment for a Disobedient Wife
  26. Should Catholics apologize to the Jewish people?
  27. Make sure you don't make Jews mad...
  28. Fake Local News Stories
  29. For Those who cling to Vatican II
  30. Probably a Stupid Question- Asking Anyway
  31. Rockland County
  32. Are Traditionals being targeted by the Church?
  33. Valid or invalid baptism?
  34. Adam, Atonement, Everyone
  35. Used Church Items
  36. Who are the groups of Traditional Catholics who are not under Francis?
  37. Rev Thomas Adamson
  38. Advice about older friends
  39. Home birth, does she have a choice?
  40. Boycott Cambell's Soup
  41. Jaynek Suggestion
  42. How would America be different under a Hillary Clinton presidency?
  43. Gaining an Indulgence if not in a State of Grace
  44. LA Dodgers win Game 6 -- Game 7 World Series Tomorrow!!
  45. Young Adults attending SSPX Chapels
  46. Is This Sacrilege?
  47. Has Anyone Read "TRUE OR FALSE POPE"?
  48. Did anyone ever discredit Ms.Teresa Benns?
  49. Two questions
  50. Spanish Sermon Phoenix