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  1. Moslems volunteer to protect Synagues
  2. Theres no such thing as "being gay"
  3. Mean tweets Papa Francisco
  4. The Natural Cross
  5. Take heart, the Dems will be no more: they kill themselves off
  6. I can tell liberals from conservatives by looking them..really
  7. "most liberal of Obamas cabinet" gets DNC chairmanship
  8. Steve Bannon (h8ed by libs) is CATHOLIC.. disagrees w Pope F
  9. Why is the book of Sirach not in the Douay Rheims Bible???
  10. All of Islam is evil and false religion
  11. should there be an amendment to the Constitution banning Judaism and
  12. punish Flynn but let the lovely, lying Hillary get away with it??
  13. Im burnt out on news.. so much news never gets covered
  14. executive order to ban abortions (""emancipation proclamation")!
  15. I thought I hated all humanity.. until I saw this!
  16. Trumps travel ban in the Courts
  17. Vatican Pizzagate
  18. The Corruption of Innocent Children....
  19. A certain amount of Law should be taught to high schoolers
  20. Is Satan more in the Catholic Church than anywhere else?
  21. Sharia law coming to Canada
  22. St. Hubertus and St. Nepomuk
  23. TRADITIO reader attacks Bishop Fellay
  24. Muslims are taking too paying jobs away from Americans
  25. should Trump fire all the idiot "holdovers" from the last admin? (leaks)
  26. Turkey an ally to USA?
  27. famous person drove miles 2 go 2 traditional Mass: Scalia
  28. I love Trump
  29. Why does the Vatican Listen to anti-Catholic, anti-life writers?
  30. both D and R hypocricy
  31. the Dems are preaching to us (!!) about WHAT?! Ethics??! Youre kidding?
  32. Were the Magi from India?
  33. Pizzagate continues.
  34. domestic violencemurder.. Nicole Brown (simpson)
  35. Lets all remain as we are? Even the SSPX laity?
  36. The list of liberal lies seems endless but heres a start
  37. Sessions says "new day for justice"
  38. I feel I dont deserve to be alive
  39. How is Trump doing so far?
  40. preternatural Bible changes
  41. The Dems are self-destructing
  42. Tell the Moslems to go home and protest there..
  43. Trump: ... you think our country is so innocent?
  44. Leaving the Catholic Church
  45. Grown Child Announces Agnosticism
  46. Justice or Mercy-- which one do you choose for this person?
  47. MSNBC
  48. Hillary melt-down after unacceptable election results
  49. You can tell a person by his her enemies (Trump enemies)
  50. If this plan could make society better but 80 didnt want it..