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Author Topic: WW3 is behind schedule...  (Read 761 times)

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WW3 is behind schedule...
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:59:34 AM »
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  • Those of you with memories longer than the average sheeple might remember a quote from Pope Frantic in Futureshock 2016 [FUTURESHOCK 2016-2020: Your Life Is About To Change! Part 1(youtube)]... when he predicted that Christmas 2015 would be the last... the Lizard Queen said much the same thing.  A lot of us (including myself) thought that SHTF was going to happen that year.  Here it is 2017 and sheepleland seems just fine...  What is going on?  Why is the Cloward-Pivon strategy not working??

    [Before going further, allow me to clarify my eccentric loony-toon tinfoil-hat anti-puppy conspiracy theories.  While I ascribe that OKC, 911, Sandy Hook, and etc... are inside jobs, and the world (including the Vatican) is in the hand of blood-sucking satanic elites, and vast weather warfare programs (think chemtrails, Haarp) are in full swing, I do not think that we are ruled by lizards from another planet, or even that Queen Bess was a lizard, or that Nazi spaceships are hovering over Antarctica, or that the Nephtilim (Which did exist before Noah's flood) are massing for an attack, or that the Pentagon is assembling an army of supersoldiers, or that Kirk and Scotty are commuting to Mars, or that a vast network of underground cities and tunnels are being built under Walmarts (not that I would go anywhere near these temples of consumerism), or any of the many and sundry bits of disinformation brought courtesy of Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, and Need Another Seven Astronauts, which was just warming up with the fake moon landings (research project blue beam).  There seems to be a lot of credence that Hitler went to Argentina after the fake WW2, that NASA was stocked by Nazis (operation Paper Clip, brought to us in part by Pius XII and the Vatican).  We know Darwin, Lenin, Freud, Lyell, Einstein, and etc were all frauds who probably could not pass a chemistry or calculus course.  If you are still living in sheepleland, think Trump will drain the swamp, and the Jackals have not hijacked government agencies... you need to wake up, look up, and see the chemtrails...]

    Many times in the last 18 months events having heated to just below the boiling point.  In spring 2016, Deutchebank collapsed, and many thought that was going to trigger SHTF.  Last Sept, we were seeing a "terrorist" attack almost every week, and it seemed war was imminent.  Then, Syria seemed to be spinning out of control.  And just a few weeks ago, Trump bombed Syria...  But here we are approaching June with this eerie calm.  Students of history, of course, will remember Neville Chamberlain going to the "Wolf's Den" and returning with a document signed by Hitler that would bring "peace in our time".  Those following day-to-day events will almost be certainly be suckered into believing the equilivant propaganda coming soon to a TV station near you.  But for those who are paying attention, questions are being asked as to whether the elites are divided and bickering among themselves.  This is a legitimate question.  Another question: What about Wikileaks?  Is this real, or just a psyop?  The two questions are related, and worth investigating.

    Three possibilities present themselves:

    1) Wikileaks in particular, and the "Putin split" in general, is just a dog-and-pony show to keep the sheeple distracted while the circus tent comes down.

    2) A genuine split has emerged, but neither side is good and none of us Catholics have a dog in that race.

    3) There really has emerged a group of "white hats" and they have too much leverage to get "whacked".

    Of course, no matter what happens, the current system, like Oroville dam, is beyond repair and sooner or later reality is going to assert itself, things are going to return to normalcy, because the Lord hast decreed: " In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return."  There is nothing new under the sun.

    What one has to look at, also, is the pyramid...

    I do not know who is at the very top (in human terms... we all know Satan rules ultimately) but the next level down is the bankers, industrialists, and military, then comes the fake politicians, then the college presidents and sports figures, on through the gatekeepers at government officers (who are paid just to fill out forms and do data entry while posing as experts- business consultants, doctors, engineers, inspectors, etc) on down to the sheeple who struggle at part time jobs or subsist under the doles.

    Satan was a murderer and a liar from the beginning- one of the results is we live in a fake world...

    Fake weather: The earth is warming at the rate of a .1 megaton atomic blast per second.  Antarctica and Greenland are suffering catastrophic meltdowns.  We don't need what "Akita" and "Garabandal" predicted.  We are doing a great job of bringing on doomsday all by ourselves, as methane hydrates sublimate and massive sinkholes occur all over Siberia.  Sea levels are rising.  And how about those fires- Fort McMurry Canada, Kansas, California, Smoky Mountains, rain bombs that result in record floods, chemical ice-nucleated "winter storms".

    Fake economy:  The stock market is a dog-and-pony show.  Companies like Amazon have a market cap in the billions while they have never made one thin dime of profit.  The billion dollar companies like Raytheon are so courtesy of the American taxpayer- that is a snake eating its own tail.  So are the comex exchanges.  Global trade has plummeted over the four years.  The Baltic dry index is at levels not seen since 1635 AD.

    Fake money:  Forget the Federal fiat monopoly money.  Now people are piling into Bitcoin, and everybody is excited about its rise in price and market cap.  Why is everybody excited when prices rise in terms of something that is going to zero?  When SHTF, Bitcoins won't be worth the paper they're not printed on and a pile of horse shit will have a "Market Cap" in billions of dollars.

    Fake science:  Every time I hear Dane Wigington say "Millions of years ago on our planet..." I want to correct three points... 1) Earth is not millions of years old... 2) Earth is not a planet and 3) The earth is not ours (but nor does it belong to the wolves either, but belongs to God).

    Fake history:  I hope to have a follow-up post on how WW2 was a fake war.  But even Fr Kramer in the second edition of Devils Final Battle gave a list of some of the false flag attacks that got us into war.  (That book is an absolute must read, along with Fatima in Twilight.)

    Fake politics:  If you think there is a substantial difference between Republican and Democrat, research the policies of the last 6 presidents...  If you think there was any difference between Bush and Obama, please go out and bang your head against a tree.

    But meanwhile, the missiles could start to fly any moment.  Putin had Russia training for nuclear war last fall.  But WW3 will probably start with an "EMP Attack" which will bring down the internet- then the stock market- then the banks- then the supply chain- and SHTF.

    But in the End the Immaculate Heart will triumph.

    Pray your rosary every day.

    Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us you are our only hope!

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    Re: WW3 is behind schedule...
    « Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 08:57:14 AM »
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  • That was great.  Keep it up!


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