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Author Topic: What do Oroville Dam and Seth Rich have in common?  (Read 784 times)

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What do Oroville Dam and Seth Rich have in common?
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:43:21 AM »
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  • They're both facing imminent meltdowns.  :o

    The snowpack is melting in the Sierras, and 101 inches water equivalent are headed for the Feather river and Oroville.  This could be the black swan that triggers SHTF in California.  And that will be the pothole that swallows the world.

    The Seth Rich case is breaking wide open.  If it does, the "Those Damned Ruskies" presidential election hacking narrative will start swirling in the toilet. The whole schema taking us to WW3 will melt down.  If it was Seth Rich and not the Russians who leaked the emails, Hillary, Podesta and the gang are going down...

    WW3 could be right around the corner.  The deep state just might hit the nuclear trigger [or the internet kill switch, the net effect (pun intended :P)
    will be the same.] to avoid the consequences.

    But SHTF is coming, regardless of whether it is initiated by the powers-that-be or a result of events spinning out of control.  The veneer of our fantasy world is disintegrating by the hour.

    Pray the rosary (Offend a liberal-Rattle those beads) daily
    Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us you are our only hope!


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