Author Topic: The U.S. Government as a kabbalistic entity  (Read 348 times)

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The U.S. Government as a kabbalistic entity
« on: March 02, 2013, 01:49:49 PM »
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  • For a fuller consideration of its deeper context, it is a way to look at the U.S. government and its agenda and operations, as part of a debate or better understanding of what is really going on in America today.

    What is really going on in America today anyway?

    Q: Is the U.S. government a kabbalistic entity?

    A: It seems so, certainly. However, some may insist it is only a partial and coincidental immersion in the ways of Judeo-Masonic kabbalah, not a complete one by so much design.

    Q: Why is the White House located at the Luciferic point of a Masonic goathead pentagram of Baphomet?

    A: That would seem to be an example of the U.S. government's partial and coincidental immerison in the ways of Judeo-Masonic kabbalah.

    Q: If the goathead soup and the TV say two and two are 5, what does that mean?

    A: Stay tuned for more programming. Vaccines, new loans, food stamps, or continuing education may be in order as needed. Everybody is equal and everybody has got to be somehwere. That sort of thing. Please be entertained.

    Q: We already know that Barack Obama is a Freemason and a communist, who is ineligible to be President of the "U.S.A.", and that his alleged birth certificate is a felony fraud, and that he is a past identity thief as well, but are Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura Freemasons too, although they are not communists?

    A: Yes, from what I have discovered Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura are both Freemasons. If this is not correct, so mote it be, but I feel rather cetain the information discovered about Ron Paul being a Freemason was correct.

    Q: How much can any of this really matter? What would Socrates say?

    A: imo, Socrates would think it matters, and that the "U.S.A." is nuts. I'm sure he would vote for Athens to secede from the "Union", or whatever they call it.

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    The U.S. Government as a kabbalistic entity
    « Reply #1 on: March 02, 2013, 01:52:04 PM »
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  • We Americans don't deserve a good government.

    If even Ron Paul is a Freemason, that says a lot. I hope he is not; I used to support him.
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