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Author Topic: The generals are always fighting the last war...  (Read 341 times)

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The generals are always fighting the last war...
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:42:11 AM »
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  • Many people think WW3 will look like WW2.  They are fixated on this Cold War scenario of going to "deathcon 5" and then the missiles launch and we all head for the bunkers.  Actually, in many ways WW3 has already started.  Look up and become cognizant of the fact we are being sprayed by lab rats. Weather systems have rapidly sped up in the last 10 years and the incidents of violent weather and "rain bombs" are off the charts.  We are being injected with poisonous vaccines which are destroying the children.  But more than that, we are being subjected to psychological warfare.    Sun Tzu in his book "The Art of War" outlines the simple fact that 90% of warfare is psychological.  If people really want to understand current events, they must see everything from the perspective of eternity.  Nothing has changed since Our Lord Jesus Christ was nailed to the Cross.  The Jews, the synagogue of satan, continue their warfare against the Church.  They have infiltrated and subverted it, and, from the top, poured their noxious doctrines into the warp and woof of its substance.  They have infected the faithful with spiritual blindness and hardness of heart.  
    Now, let us look at current events from a simple spiritual perspective.  Our Lord called the devil a liar and a murderer, and said of the synagogue of satan that they are of their father the devil.  By their fruits we know them: lies and murders.  (How many Iraqis and Libyans have died since we started "freedom and democracy" in the Middle East?)  
    The real weapons of WW3 are "smartphones", Facebook, lying "preachers", compromise of the Faith, and abandonment of prayer.  And our primary weapon (in the temporal realm, the REAL weapon being the Rosary) against this is, as St Paul says, is the sword of truth.  Truth is one, as God is one.  Science and Faith are in essence one.  Supernatural Truth is grounded on the nature of things as God created them.
    The global communist police state is weak.  They want us to fear them, but they are paranoid.  That is why they have erected the surveillance state, because they afraid of resistance, especially at the spiritual level.  They also want us to be hateful and emotional and lashing out at each other.

    (A lot of people are still standing behind Trump.  Trump has compromised.  I had some slight hope he might make a stand in the natural order.  But when the missiles were launched at Syria that was the MOAB being dropped on his presidency.)  

    There is a connection between the "second" and the "third" secret of Fatima.  The loss of faith has led to the destruction of the family and this has led to the destruction of homesteads worldwide which is now consummating in global famine.  Whatever your views on "global warming", the fact of the matter is that sea levels are rising, the oceans are dying, rain cycles are collapsing, and, on top of all this, the asinine attempts of the global cabal through "haarp" and "solar radiation management", to either hide or exacerbate the collapse of ecological systems, has made everything worse.  We are headed at express speed toward the vision of little Jacinta:
    "Don't you see all those roads and fields full of people, crying because they have nothing to eat..."
    Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us you are our only hope!


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