Author Topic: 11 Marines, Navy Medic Among Dozens Killed As Third Explosion Rocks Kabul  (Read 180 times)

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11 Marines, Navy Medic Among Dozens Killed As Third Explosion Rocks Kabul (


  • Third explosion rocks Kabul
  • At least 11 US Marines, Navy Medic dead; Death toll exceeds 70
  • New threat reported at North Gate of airport
  • US officials report multiple US, civilian casualties
  • ѕυιcιdє bomb explodes at Kabul airport gate, second explosion reported as car bomb
  • Taliban warned of potential terrorist threat
  • US State Dept warned Americans to “leave immediately” due to imminent threat
  • At least 3 US Marines injured
  • At least 12 civilians dead including kids
  • Gunfire reported

At least eleven Marines and a Navy medic are among the dead following Thursday’s deadly blasts outside of the Kabul international airport in Afghanistan, according to Fox News‘ Edward Lawrence. The death toll exceeds 70 as of this update.
FOX News has learned that the death toll of US Marines has risen to 10 in the ѕυιcιdє attack at the gate of the airport in Kabul. #Afghanistan #Marines

Update (1342ET): The Wall Street Journal is reporting that four US Marines are among the dozens killed in Thursday’s attack at the Kabul airport.

Update (1246ET): At least 43 have been killed and 130 injured in Thursday’s dual blasts near the Kabul airport. According to NYT reporter Fahim Abed, 60% of the wounded are in critical condition.

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  • Won't end here.  The last fights out with no ground cover will have a hell of a time getting off that runway. Now blood has been spilt both sides will be angry and trigger happy.