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Author Topic: Mad Dogs of War  (Read 755 times)

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Mad Dogs of War
« on: January 31, 2018, 03:24:25 PM »
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    There’s a new dog on the block who’s wagging the tail of President Trump.
    It’s Mad Dog Mattis who might as well treat his dog house to Trump’s White House seat.
    And now out of the wild-blue-yonder Mattis says the ‘war on terror’ is over.
    That’s great!
    But wait - Mad Dog’s looking for bigger fish to fry.
    [Clip: “There is a major change in US military strategy. Today, more than sixteen years after the 9/11 attacks, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said terrorism is no longer the number one priority. David Martin has more on what ifs.” “China and Russia have replaced terrorism as the primary focus of the new National Defense Strategy. Maintaining a military advantage over China and Russia is now Secretary of Defense Mattis’ top priority.”]
    Get it?
    Killing towel-heads in the desert bores the dog to death.
    But full scale planetary nuclear war…now that’s a lit up theatre that will glow in the dark.
    [Clip: “The world, to quote George Shultz, is awash in change, defined by increasing global volatility and uncertainty with Great Power competition between nations becoming a reality once again. Though we will continue to prosecute the campaign against terrorists that we are engaged in today, but Great Power competition, not terrorism, is now the primary focus of US national security.”]
    Looks to me like his ‘Defense Strategy’ is a little short on defense but way long offense.
    Well of course!
    The dog has no friends or family, all he thinks about all day is killing people.
    Defense is a drag, but going after the prey makes that dog’s day. Somebody put this dog on a leash.
    [Clip: “We face growing threats from revisionist powers as different as China and Russia are from each other, nations that do seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models, pursuing veto authority over other nations’ economic, diplomatic and security decisions.”]
    That ‘authoritarian model’ squats at the Pentagon and breeds dogs of war that tramps all over civilian rule.
    Mattis has his paymasters to please, the Fed that cuts his checks, and the neocons that goad him on.
    It’s a ‘Bark Mitzvah’ where only the goys die young.
    [Clip: “The paradox of war is that an enemy will attack any perceived weakness. So we in America cannot adopt a single preclusive form of warfare. Rather we must be able to fight across the spectrum of conflict.
     This means that the size and the composition of our force matters. The nation must field sufficient capable forces to deter conflict. And if deterrence fails, we must win.”]
    Who’s messing with us? Who would ever want to?
    We’ve got enough deterrence to give the world peace for 2000 years.
    But we’ve got a dog off his leash. It’s a prescription for World War 3: How do we win a war with a nuked-up Russia and China?
    It’s Apocalypse Now…where career killers and kosher neocons get their kicks.
    Let sleeping dogs lie?
    No way.
    When a Mad Dog barks we’re all gonna to die.

    Blessed be the Lord my God, who teacheth my hands to fight, and my fingers to war. ~ Psalms 143:1 (Douay-Rheims)


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