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Author Topic: How WW3 may evolve this summer...  (Read 599 times)

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How WW3 may evolve this summer...
« on: May 27, 2017, 09:52:19 AM »
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  • These are only theories...

    Currently, you might have noticed that Seth Rich is back in the news.  Rich, a high-ranking official on the Democratic National Committee, was shot twice in broad daylight last summer in downtown Washington.  He died either en route to the hospital or in the hospital...

    The DC cops closed the case quickly, saying it was a robbery. ::)
    But Wikileaks offered a reward for any info. ;)

    Just a few months later, Wikileaks gave us the Podesta Emails, and "Pizzagate" was born.
    "Pizzagate" was the death knell for the Clinton Campaign.  Sometime in mid-October the "deep state" realized that Clinton was unelectable no matter how much rigging they did.  They decided to play the "Trump Card." 8)

    Since then we have been treated to this ongoing dog-and-pony show of the media and congress vrs Trump.
    Meanwhile, Trump has done about 3000 or so "pedogate" arrests.  The Trump supporters think this is a move towards draining the swamp.  I think what is really going on is that the top of the pyramid knows some of the intermediate levels are beyond salvage and they are doing damage control.  They want these people in the prison system where they can be controlled rather than as potentially loose cannons that might go to the media and spill their guts. :(

    Meanwhile, this whole storm surrounding surrounding Anthony Weiner's laptop surfaced in December, with the NYPD "Good Cops" threatening to release the contents because the FBI "bad cops" were suppressing the investigation, and alleged the contents of the laptop had to do with Clinton Campaign.

    Currently, we have all the usual suspects- Alex Jones, Dave Hodges,  Lisa Haven, William Mount, Dahboo7, and other people I strongly suspect are CIA alt-media shills, along with useful idiots like X22report, Paul Preston, SGTreport, and etc (These are not idiots in the sense they are stupid, but that they are unwittingly furthering the agenda by reporting only a part of the truth rather than the whole truth, which we so desperately need right now)- nailing Seth Rich as the guy who leaked the emails to Wikileaks, and that the deep state [we have made progress, I can now use tinfoil hat conspiracy terms and everybody knows what I'm talking about.] has everybody backing off the investigation.

    This could be the beginning of a MASSIVE agitprop campaign that will have three steps:

    1)  The Weiner Laptop truth bombs are dropped, and Hillary, Podesta and perhaps a few Bushes 9we're not talking shrubbery here, folks :P) are pegged.
         Meanwhile, the rage of the Trump supporters is stirred to the boiling point, while Obama stirs the liberal opposition.

    2)  Trump is whacked.  Either he is impeached or murdered or sent to the funny farm.

    3)  The Trump supporters take to the streets, as well as the Obomites, the stock market collapses, and generally, SHTF.

    We all know the rest.  Just recall the French and Russian revolutions...

    If this is the French Revolution... we are just about at the point where the Tuileries go down...
    If this is the Russian Revolution, Trump is the equivalent of Kerensky...

    It's always the same playbook, only the names change.
    Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us you are our only hope!


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