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Title: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Emile on January 13, 2022, 10:05:55 PM
Top NH Conservative Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
JR Hoell is the founder of a group critical of COVID-19 vaccine mandates
By Alice Giordano
January 13, 2022 Updated: January 13, 2022
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One of New Hampshire (’s leading political conservatives is fighting to keep his children from the state’s child protection services agency after giving his 13-year-old son ivermectin.
JR Hoell is the founder of ReOpen NH, an activist group that criticizes COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Hoell, who has also led public education reform efforts and promotes Second Amendment and homeschooling rights, told The Epoch Times that the New Hampshire Division of Children Youth and Family (DCYF) showed up at his doorstep on the night of Dec. 9 with an emergency ex parte order to take custody of his son.
“I want to go on the record as calling the DCYF a terrorist organization,” Hoell told The Epoch Times, “they have no grounds to seek removal of my son from his home.”
Kathleen Remillard, Public Information Officer for the DCYF told The Epoch Times that the agency is unable to comment due to state and federal confidentiality laws. Hoell provided The Epoch Times with a medical report showing an Amherst, NH physician found the teen to be in overall good health less than 24 hours after the agency tried to take emergency custody of him.
Hoell’s son, who stands over six feet tall and has a black belt in Taekwondo, had already returned to his martial arts classes and was over at a friend’s house when the DCYF showed up with two police officers on Dec. 9 looking for his son and 17-year old daughter.

( ( ( File photo: A package of ivermectin tablets. (Natasha Holt/The Epoch Times)
“They told me there was an ambulance parked at the end of the road to transport my son and daughter to the hospital. ‘You either take them or we’ll take them,'” Hoell said the DCYF social worker told him.
The emergency order, a copy of which was provided to The Epoch Times, claimed the  teen “was at risk of coma or death due to the amount of ivermectin administered to him.”
At that point in time, it had been nearly two weeks since his son had taken any ivermectin, according to Hoell.  The entire family used pharmacy-grade Ivermectin ( he ordered online from an international company to treat COVID back in November. By the time the DCYF sought his children, all the family members had already returned to their daily routines, according to Hoell.
It was a nurse practitioner who saw Hoell’s son for a routine follow-up exam on the morning of Dec. 9 that called the DCYF on Hoell.
On Dec. 4, Hoell had taken his son to the emergency at the Catholic Medical Center because he was concerned his son was having an adverse reaction to Tylenol. Blood work on the teen performed on the teen that day showed his toxicology levels were all normal. The blood test results and the medical report from the emergency room visit, which were provided to The Epoch Times, also showed no elevated liver levels or anything suggestive of an overdose of ivermectin.
According to Hoell, the nurse practitioner, who works for an outpatient clinic in Goffstown owned by CMC, did not do any follow-up blood work or other lab tests on Dec. 9 before calling the DCYF.
Hoell said ivermectin was only discussed with the nurse practitioner in a casual manner and she never indicated she had any serious concerns about his son before leaving the practice.
“Ivermectin was not an issue at 9 o’clock in the morning and then all of a sudden it turned into a risk of coma several hours later, ” said Hoell, “those two positions are not compatible with one another.”
( JR Hoell and his wife in an undated photo. (Courtesy of J.R. Hoell)
Lauren Collins-Cline, director of communications and public relations for CMD, told The Epoch Times the hospital was unable no comment due to privacy laws.
A prominent local Democrat and Republicans both agree that the case against Hoell, long labeled a “conservative firebrand” by the state’s liberal press, sounds more like politics and less like actual child neglect.
NH Republican Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler told The Epoch Times he has no doubt that the DCYF is “practicing politics,” having gone through something similar himself when he was the Senate Minority Whip.
“It sounds like they’re up to their old tricks,” Wheeler said.
In 1998, when Wheeler, who is serving his sixth term as executive councilor to the governor, was leading a charge to reform the DCYF including what he called severe abuse of hearsay evidence, when two police officers showed up at his home in Milford, New Hampshire, on what they alleged was an anonymous report of an adult male beating a young minor in the backyard.
The case was covered by local media, which reported that it had been confirmed that Wheeler, the only adult male known to live in the household, was out of town at a Republican fundraiser at the time of the allegation.
However, the Republican senator found himself under investigation by the DCYF. The agency eventually filed the matter without a finding, but not before the agency questioned Wheeler about some of his parenting choices including his and his wife Joy’s decision to homeschool their two children.
“The DCYF should stop chasing their tail and going after people like JR Hoell,” Wheeler told The Epoch Times, “It’s pretty obvious there’s no abuse and yet they are wasting thousands of taxpayers’ dollars and the court’s time instead of chasing down real abuse.”
Hoell, who has homeschooled all four of his children including two that are now in college, said since obtaining an emergency custody order for his son, the DCYF has questioned a family doctor about the homeschooling of their children. In 2018, when he was a state representative, Hoell sponsored a bill to remove “education neglect” as a listed cause for the DCYF to initiate a child neglect petition.
New Hampshire Democrat Patrick Long, former chairman of the state’s child and family law committee and board member of an organization aimed at reforming the DCYF, said in spite of being a polar opposite of Hoell when it comes to politics, he has no doubt there is something dubious about the DCYF custody petition.
“I don’t believe at all for one moment that JR for one moment would do anything that would hurt his family,” Long, who served alongside Hoell for several years in the NH legislature,  told The Epoch Times, “based on what I am hearing, this is a disgrace.”
Long serves as the vice chairman for the New Road Project, a nonprofit formed by DCYF whistleblower Anna Carrigan, who last year reached a financial settlement with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services over claims she made against the DCYF for its own neglectful handling of child abuse and neglect cases.
Long said the DCYF’s emergency ex parte custody order for Hoell’s son is especially concerning given the agency’s own reported shortage of foster care homes for children taken under out-of-home placement petitions.
More questions about the motive behind the DCYF petition comes from a CMC patient who recorded a conversation going on just outside her hospital room about J.R. Hoell on Dec. 10 and posted it on TikTok
At one point in the video, someone in the conversation can be heard referring to Hoell as a “nut job” and talking about a request put out to local police to be “on the lookout” for a dad who is a former state representative from Dunbarton.
Natalie Reyes, the patient who recorded and posted TikTok video, said she could overhear a DCYF social worker and hospital staff going through Hoell’s Facebook pages and making comments about his use of ivermectin.
“The DCYF has filed to take this person’s children because he gave them Ivermectin, I wish I was [expletive] kidding right now,”  Reyes says in her video.
The physician who saw Hoell’s son the day after the DCYF tried to take custody of him, determined the teen had a mild case of hyperglycemia, which has been identified as a common lasting effect following a bout with COVID-19. (
While the Food and Drug Administration has not approved ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, the drug has been approved for early treatment of the disease in all or part of 22 countries, according to a tally ( maintained by a group of scientists and researchers.
The NH DCYF has not rescinded its emergency custody order for Hoell’s son. However, it has agreed to stay the execution of the order until a preliminary hearing is held sometime in the next two weeks.
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Alice Giordano (

Alice Giordano is a former news correspondent for The Boston Globe, Associated Press, and New England bureau of The New York Times.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Viva Cristo Rey on January 13, 2022, 11:02:14 PM
Messed up.  Let me tell you most of these nurses and government workers neglect their own children and families and are libtards.  It’s a disgrace that a “Catholic”medical center is involved in anti Christian behavior. 
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Matthew on January 14, 2022, 01:59:35 AM
What do you expect from the devil?

This whole covid cult, and the vaccines, are from the pits of hell. Of course there's going to be horrors, injustice, and all sorts of evils coming from that foul source.

We need to recognize this for what it is.

All the more reason I shake my head when former Traditional priests, like Fr. Pagliarani, jump completely on board this covid insanity train.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Seraphina on January 14, 2022, 03:03:17 AM
Messed up.  Let me tell you most of these nurses and government workers neglect their own children and families and are libtards.  It’s a disgrace that a “Catholic”medical center is involved in anti Christian behavior.
Unfortunately, there exists no such thing as a truly Catholic hospital or medical facility. They are run by mega-corporations and must dance to the musical narrative of the NWO, or be shut down.  That is not to say that everyone who works in the medical field is sold out to Satan.  What should be done immediately, is for all medical facilities to drop the religious names.  In the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s, St. Charles Hospital in NY was a truly Catholic hospital. I was there for some tests as a young child and remember every room had a crucifix.  The nurses were nuns, and they looked like nuns, no butch looking women in chopped off hair and polyester pant suits!  It was not unusual to see priests and seminarians on the wards.  It was run by the Sisters of Wisdom.  Every morning, the seminarians would assist the nuns in taking  patients who wanted to hear mass to the chapel.  That was 1958.  Sprint forward to the present, 2022, and uh-oh.  It’s still called St. Charles, but has been taken over by a corporation known as Northwell Health.  Who or what is Northwell Health?  Only God knows, and I’m inclined to think He and St. Charles, do not approve.  # for Baptist Medical Center, Long Island Jєωιѕн Hospital, etc. They shouldn’t call themselves by names that do not reflect the “product” they sell.  In fact, in most US states, one cannot work in any aspect of healthcare without being triple and soon, quadruple-vaxxed.  
In New York state alone approximately 35,000 healthcare workers have been fired for refusing
Covid vaccines. This number does not include those who simply resigned or retired ahead of the dateline.  In fact, it is more than the populations of small to mid-sized cities!  No religious exemptions have been granted; not one.  The same pretty much holds for medical exemptions.  (Yes, that’s right!  No medical exemptions from those who are supposed to look out for our health!  How’s that for cognitive dissonance?  BTW, it matters not if you are hold a religious/moral objection or are medically unable to be vaccinated.  You are not eligible for unemployment or Medicaid. You get “punished” along with the “conspiracy theorists.”). There are two small hospitals with which I am acquainted who’ve closed their doors, probably for good as they were struggling to stay afloat for years before the so-called pandemic.  One of them was the only hospital serving an entire upstate county and half one other county.  It leaves the rural people with no choice but to travel 90-110 miles in some places, to the closest hospital or emergency room.  New York, if one removes the NYC and surrounding counties, Albany, and Rochester/Buffalo from the equation, is a “red state.” It’s the heavily populated urban areas, NYC, in particular, that skew the statistics.  
I suspect it’s the same in other places. 
It’s come to the place where people must decide where they stand, with Truth or with error.  And who can stand on error?  
Where I’m currently living, the public school serving a very large area geographically, has gone for the fourth time, to “remote” learning.  Why?  Too many “cases” of Covid among the “fully vaccinated!”  Parents, even worldly parents, have become so tired of their children suddenly having to work from home with almost no notice, and back in person again, creating havoc with the adults’ schedules, particularly those who need to go out to work, who cannot do their jobs on Zoom, and whose schedules are not flexible. There is a Zoom meeting this coming Monday for parents in that very situation, who have had enough, and who are wanting to learn how to homeschool.  It’s by word of mouth at this point because it appears the liberals running the schools will play dirty when they discover a third of the students have been withdrawn.  Real Catholic schools don’t exist in this area because few people are real Catholics.  They aren’t novus ordo, either.  Those who were young adults or teens during Vatican II left off practicing the Faith, so now it’s going on the fourth generation of CINO, who are ignorant of religion and morality.  Yes, there is a novus ordo in town, but it is kept open only by those of the rainbow persuasion who drive in from two northeastern cities for recreation and vacation.  The pastor is fan of Fr. James Martin…which explains why I seldom get to Mass.  There just isn’t anything except in Canada, where I am not permitted to go without being vaxxed.  But that’s for another post.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Viva Cristo Rey on January 14, 2022, 08:26:27 AM
After Vatican II things went to devil. 

I don’t condone  Fr. Pagliarani and his nєω ωσrℓ∂ σr∂єr attitude.  I will pray a rosary for him tonight.   After that I kick dirt off my boots. 
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Viva Cristo Rey on January 14, 2022, 08:37:14 AM
I often wonder why the SSPX didn’t build traditional Catholic hospitals.  In 50 plus years they should have build more chapels.  

Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Mark 79 on January 14, 2022, 08:48:51 AM
"…going through Hoell’s Facebook pages…"

And some people here gripe about our online anonymity.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Seraphina on January 14, 2022, 09:46:36 AM
I often wonder why the SSPX didn’t build traditional Catholic hospitals.  In 50 plus years they should have build more chapels. 
Because that was not the main purpose of the Society. It was to preserve the Faith by preserving the priesthood.  I agree that more chapels should have been opened in all that time. Perhaps that didn’t happen because of the fewness of the faithful, IOW, the faithful aren’t that faithful!  If “smells and bells” were all they wanted, then they had diocesan Latin Mass, or ICK, FSSP.  
The SSPX has s few schools here and there. With a few exceptions, most of the schools amounted to a handful of children from a few families that couldn’t get firmly established.  Reason?  Lack of qualified teachers willing or able to put in 60+ hour weeks for perhaps gas money and lunch.  To run a quality school without teaching sisters and brothers and a couple of priests, whose stated apostolate is to teach the young is just not possible. Which parents can drive an hour or more there and back five days per week, six counting Sundays, maybe seven on first Fridays and Saturdays?  Most who attend SSPX, SSPV, or Resistance chapels already make large sacrifices driving long distances to Mass every week.  
Running a small school is difficult enough.
Now think of running a hospital.  Even if enough traditional Catholics were found to work there, they’d be beholden to the crazy laws and nightmarish bureaucracy like all the other hospitals. If the laws were ignored, how long would they last before getting shut down by the police?  I’m afraid the time of the Church running large public apostolates like hospitals, nursing homes and schools has passed. Given the scarcity of faithful and the nearness of Christ’s return, we ought to focus our efforts on prayer and penance.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: LaramieHirsch on January 16, 2022, 12:14:52 PM
The time has come to avoid the medical industry and self-treat.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Clemens Maria on January 16, 2022, 01:11:25 PM
The time has come to avoid the medical industry and self-treat.
I know a trad Catholic guy in the Boston, MA area who has been doing this for years.  It sounds like a no-brainer but in practice it isn't going to be that easy.  He recently came down with what he believes to be covid (he said he was never so sick in his life) and he got to the point where he was resigned to dying of this thing.  He couldn't imagine how he could recover.  He lives alone and won't even take over-the-counter meds.  I'm not sure if he would refuse vitamins but he isn't into that stuff either.  So he was alone in his apartment thinking he was going to die right there in bed.  How many people can handle that?  Probably not too many.  But one of his friends found out he was sick and started helping him.  He is not fully recovered yet but it looks like he is going to be OK.

I think he would be willing to have a broken bone set or a cut stitched as long as it doesn't require taking any drugs.  I think the Seventh Day Adventists have a similar position with regard to modern medicine.  I think it is a great idea but how realistic is it?  How many people have what it takes to refuse medicine when undergoing intense suffering?
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Mark 79 on January 16, 2022, 02:10:49 PM
The time has come to avoid the medical industry and self-treat.
The time has come to avoid the Church and self-treat.
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Clemens Maria on January 16, 2022, 03:12:02 PM
The time has come to avoid the Church and self-treat.
It's not a good analogy.  You could interpret it to mean anything.  For example, if you take "Church" to mean the Novus Ordo Sect then maybe you are not being sarcastic.  Yeah, it would be a good idea to avoid all contact with "priests" who are actually laymen posing as clergy and who are at least 50% active ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖs and 100% heretics/schismatics/apostates.  I'm certainly not going to tell people that they should avoid all modern medicine.  But I can certainly understand why some people might make that decision.  Its difficult to find any value in an industry (because that's what it is nowadays) that routinely uses the body parts of murdered babies to develop their products.  And this wicked practice is not considered an abuse but it is celebrated as the cutting edge of their craft.  St John wouldn't even stay in the same building as a known heretic for fear that the building would collapse.  And don't make the mistake of thinking that he did that for dramatic effect.  What would he think of our modern "advances" today?
Title: Re: Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin
Post by: Clemens Maria on January 16, 2022, 03:33:55 PM
Personally, I would like to avoid medications as much as possible.  But I see that some people will be scandalized by that in practice.  For example, there was a trad Catholic guy who decided to stop taking his heart medicine.  I'm not sure what it was exactly.  He subsequently had a massive stroke just recently and refused to be taken to the hospital for a couple of hours.  He finally relented and agreed to go to the hospital.  But it was too late and he suffered massive damage.  He was in a coma for a couple of weeks and he may never fully recover.  I heard from a few of his trad Catholic friends that they were angry that he refused to take his meds and refused immediate medical attention.  I'm not going to judge him.  He wasn't being lazy.  He was making a value judgment about the medicine.  Is it really worth squeezing out a few extra years in your 70s or 80s at the cost of perpetuating a system that victimizes innocent children, virtually all of whom can never make it to Heaven because they have not been baptized?  I'd rather lose 30 or 40 years off my life than be implicated in that crime.  Nevertheless, I don't condemn everyone who takes a Tylenol.  I see that it's almost impossible to be completely free of all contact with the social fabric of our society which is so badly stained by sin.  We'd have to be living alone and naked in a cave somewhere.  I want to applaud all efforts to fight back.