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Author Topic: America has been neoconned again...  (Read 435 times)

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America has been neoconned again...
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:59:41 PM »
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  • Last night I watched this short video of Melania Trump giving a speech at an Air Force base in Italy posted on Youtube by MLordandGod and tried not to vomit.  This capped off a tour of Donald Chump of Saudi Arabia, where he was acting as salesman for Raytheon and the other weapons contractors (Would not be surprised if a nice commission check is waiting back in Washington), then on to Israel, where he assured all his Zionist cronies not to worry, those cards and letters will continue coming, then on to Belgium and the cronies of the crumbling EU, and finally, the Vatican, shaking hands with Pope Frantic.  Not to be outdone, Melania gives a plug for Dyncorp and its organ industry by talking about the poor Greek kid at the Vatican hospital getting a heart transplant, not mentioning, of course, that somebody had to die (probably declared "brain dead") on the organ harvesting table so that he could get a new heart.  Then she goes on to thank the servicemen for their "sacrifices" spreading "freedom and democracy" across the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Of course no mention is made of the millions of indigenous  peoples slaughtered during operations, nor of the current horrors being perpetrated by the Saudis in Yemen.  Nope, it's all about rah, rah USA and the type of rhetoric you might see at a high school pep rally.  And all the while the applause is practically rabid.
    What Chump is doing is making Big Oil great again, from the insane Keystone Pipeline that will consume more energy than it will ever produce to helping the Saudis overrun Yemen so they can rape its resources and sell us "light sweet crude" at a discount so the motorists will keep chugging down the interstates (at least until the bridges start collapsing and shoulders wash out, because none of that infrastructure is being maintained).
    You guys applauding Chump are lauding your own demise.  It seems as though the Ultrazionist Jared Kushner is the real brains behind the Chump presidency, and all the bimbos and Chump himself are just going along for the ride.  The Neocon version of the Obama presidency is in full swing, but the majority of the sheeple still think this is change we can believe in.
    Chump, like Obama, has made a few token changes during the beginning of his tenure but now we are beginning to settle in to business as usual.  The Federal Government cannot stop spending money.  Under the Chump watch, we have spent and allocated over Two Trillion dollars already.  At this rate, the national debt will balloon to almost 25 trillion by the end of the year (no guarantee, of course, we'll make it that far).
    The country is really starting to feel the effects of the dramatic misallocation of funds over the last 30 years.  A state of emergency exists at the Hanford Nuclear site after a tunnel collapsed.  The Oroville dam is falling apart, and no Federal funds have been earmarked for repairs to save this vital piece of infrastructure to the American economy.  At every level, our country is now rapidly deteriorating.  Yet most people continue to stick their heads in the sand, sort of like those people pretending the Novus Ordo is still Catholic and the USA is still an industrial juggernaut.
    Reality is going to rear its ugly head real soon... stay tuned...
    Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us you are our only hope!


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