View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Pakistan whistleblower assassinated
  2. US Govt asks Twitter to delay downtime to help Iranians
  3. Spouse of Jesus -- what's it like in Iran right now?
  4. Election protests in Iran
  5. Clinton warning prepares for Israeli false flag?
  6. Israel runs Doomsday test
  7. Russia Fears Korea Conflict Could go Nuclear
  8. North Korea angry; threatens war with South Korea
  9. Iran's army just got a new attack helicopter
  10. Israel preparing for all-out War!
  11. Iran to mass produce long range missiles
  12. Obama meets Netanyahu - to discuss Iran attack?
  13. Pentagon prepares for War with Russia
  14. Iran deploys missiles in Persian Gulf; prepares for war
  15. Hope this doesn't happen
  16. Iran, Israel ready to go to war
  17. Pakistan attacks Taliban in Swat valley
  18. Close Call -- Israel wanted to attack Iran on April 17!
  19. Pakistan going Critical!
  20. President says attack coming
  21. "I saw this in Russia"
  22. China worries about U.S. Treasury
  23. U.S. Warships to China Sea
  24. US Military declares war on International Bankers
  25. Brink of disaster
  26. Russia sinks Chinese cargo ship!
  27. Communism
  28. Pakistan unravels
  29. Air force recalling experienced pilots on "volunteer" basis
  30. Russia Issues Nuclear Attack Warning Over US Takedown Of Satellite
  31. 69 computers missing from Nuclear Weapons lab
  32. Uh oh -- Israel moves farther "to the right"
  33. Nerve Agent may be missing
  34. Air Force failed two more Nuke inspections
  35. Remember the B-52 bomber with 6 missing nukes?
  36. Israel to get two awesome warships to use against Iran
  37. Widespread rioting in China
  38. Israel wants to colonize parts of Iraq as "Greater Israel"
  39. Rioting in Russia
  40. Israel asserting Middle East supremacy
  41. Next terrorist attack
  42. The latest on the War 1-13-09
  43. Very good chance of happening
  44. The Holocaust of Jews is a lie.
  45. U.S. moving TONS of weapons to Israel!
  46. Mexico to become a failed state?
  47. Former Pentagon chief predicts Iran crisis this year
  48. Israel wontonly slaughters civilians
  49. Rockets fired at Israel -- from Lebanon
  50. Israel considers next move