View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Former Clinton advisor: Obama needs terrorist attack
  2. "Obama Preparing to Bomb Iran"
  3. US Collapse imminent: Alex Jones
  4. In defense of listening to the talking heads.
  5. Prediction: War in 2010
  6. War in Afghanistan is DOOMED
  7. Ron Paul-we are "at war' with a tactic....
  8. Military Patrols Beach in Panama City
  9. Something brewing around Iran
  10. AWOL soldier tries to infiltrate Air Force Base
  11. North Korea
  12. Israel cleared by Saudis to attack Iran
  13. Manipulating Catholic Support for the War
  14. We Bought the Bullets
  15. Israeli commandos storm humanitarian aid ship, kill many!
  16. Israel stations nuclear subs off Iran coast
  17. Javier Solana
  18. Three Days of Darkness
  19. The next 9-11?
  20. The Time of Testing Is Here
  21. Poland's President and Elite Staff All Dead in Plane Crash
  22. Secret US-Israeli meeting to focus on Iran
  23. Clone discussion...
  24. Elie Wiesel slammed by Jews from Jerusalem
  25. Interesting questions about Polish incident...
  26. Gulf Oil Spill - bad, worse, or catastrophic
  27. Bomb squad closes Times Square
  28. Polish prosecutor to go to Moscow to clarify plane crash riddles
  29. Pitchfork event on the horizon
  30. Peace for Israelis and Palestinians? Not without America's tough love
  31. Israel aims its nuclear warheads at Europe
  32. The Road to Armageddon
  33. Human Events Censors PJB's Column
  34. PJB: The Poodle Gets Kicked
  35. Bunker Buster bombs en route near Iran
  36. iran foils Terrorists
  37. Vatican blames Israel for all Christian problems in Mideast
  38. 70% want to invade Yemen
  39. Strike on Iran before Feb. 14th?
  40. Lies about Opium and Afghanistan
  41. "War on Iran: The Perfect Storm from Hell"
  42. U.S. Surrounds Iran with Missile Shield
  43. Drills in Miami day before Haiti Quake
  44. Nuclear Physics Professor killed in Iran
  45. Obama prepares for Civil War in USA -- soon!
  46. The Gun men who never went away...
  47. A Suggested Survival List
  48. Nigerian Terror Suspect
  49. Race Card This Weekend
  50. Good site to keep up on "Ukrainian Plague"