View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. You are NOT allowed to commit suicide: Workers in Chinese Apple Factory
  2. Blackwater
  3. Supposing it really is true Osama was responsible for mass terrorism
  4. NATO denies assassination attempt against Gaddafi
  5. Ivory Coast
  6. War begins with Libya!
  7. Libyan forces attack Ras Lanuf
  8. Day of Rage planned in Saudi Arabia
  9. Yemen protesters hit with Nerve Gas
  10. Secret FBI, CIA Documents, Sex Videos Found at Egypts Secret Police HQ
  11. I hope you all filled your gas tanks
  12. Iranian warship with missiles passing thru Suez
  13. Mubarak out b-cuz opposed to war with Iran??
  14. San Diego Port Official says nukes have been found in an American Port
  15. Egypt revolution - Mubarak steps down
  16. Ashton Kutcher predicting End of Days approaches
  17. California Missile
  19. Christmas Eve Attacks in Nigeria Kill at Least 38
  20. Imam to tour nation promoting NYC Islamic center
  21. Iraqs Christians plan a simple Christmas in the shadow of violence
  22. China taking aggressive stance against the West
  23. How Iran attack will go (play by play)
  24. Afghan sex practices concern U.S., British forces
  25. WW3 for Christmas -- no thanks!
  26. Western forces build up for Korean attack
  27. Riots in Italy
  28. Serious rioting in Athens
  29. It WAS Israel that created Stuxnet to cripple Iran nuclear program
  30. Decline of American Empire - soon
  31. Iran building fleet of suicide boats
  32. South Korean parliament turns into brawl!
  33. US soldier admits to sport killing
  34. A whole province closed
  35. Fr. John P. Delaney
  36. North Korea a bizarre nation
  37. Stuxnet delays Iran nuclear program
  38. Six reasons why They want WW3
  39. China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar
  40. North Korea South Korea begin trading artillery fire
  41. North Korea could clean our clock!
  42. War with China - has it already started?
  43. Japan calls for war against N Korea
  44. Proof Israel is starving the people of Palestine
  45. China shoots down one of our advanced planes!
  46. Tea Party Queen Michelle Bachmann Joins Pro-Torture Crowd
  47. All Caesars Go Mad by Thomas A. Droleskey
  48. John Bolton: Israel will attack Iran by end of 2009
  49. Woman killed by grenade not suicide vest
  50. World War III and Worse?