View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Obama bringing us dangerously close to WW3
  2. Air raid sirens in CA, fighter jets scrambled
  3. Dave Hodges issues Emergency Alert for WW3
  4. The Final Act will be World War
  5. US wants to cyberattack Russia. Defcon3
  6. Russian population told to prepare for nuclear war
  8. If WWIII erupts with USA Vs Russia over Syria, Would God be chastising us
  9. US False Flag Against Russia Puts Hillary In
  10. US GovernmentCentral Bankers Are In The Process Of Forcing Russia Into War
  11. Russia recalls all students studying abroad
  12. Another grave warning about WW3 being imminent
  13. Threatening Body Bags: Is all out War between Russia and US on its Way?
  14. Military told to prepare for tactical nuke exchange in Syria
  15. Major Offensive in Aleppo, Syria
  16. Russia moving mobile ICBMs - Troops notified of October 10 date
  17. The true situation in Syria - Interview with Assad
  18. Colin Powell Leaked Email Reveals Israel has 200 Nuclear Bombs
  19. Russia Affirms the US works with ISIS
  20. Financial Cost of US Wars now nearly 5 Trillion Dollars
  21. Assads Death Warrent
  22. Israeli Colonel Caught with ISIS Pants Down
  23. Assassination Attempt of Vladimir Putin?
  24. Clinton Needs War in Ukraine to stop Trump
  25. Russia mobilizing 300000 reserve troops
  26. War in the near future
  27. Germany tells citizens to stockpile food, cash!
  28. Why I root for Syria and Russia against the fake America.
  29. Chaos coming in 100 days - whoever wins election
  30. Syrias War, Not Ours
  31. Finland tells citizens to prepare for WW3
  32. Obama Ready to Start WW3 to neutralize Trump
  33. Provoking Nuclear War By Media
  34. Putin amasses 40000 troops on Ukraine border
  35. Inside the World Trade Center Moments before Collapse
  36. Putin speaks of Western Media bias against him
  37. Elderly in Russia stockpiling for World War 3
  38. How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen
  39. Orlando was a false flag fake shooting
  40. Pope Pius V
  41. Pope Francis: We are at war.
  42. Russia and NATO preparing for war?
  43. Pope said 2015 Christmas might be our last normal one
  44. Pilegrs View
  45. Putin frank warning to world about WW3 coming
  46. What would you do if THIS were the news?
  47. This Week on "European Events Unrelated to Mohammedanism"
  48. Consequences of a war with Russia
  49. Coup detat in Turkey
  50. At least 60 dead in yet another terrorist attack in France ...